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Skyward Sword Smash Bros. Course


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Sep 7, 2011
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When the next SSB game comes out, what do you think the Skyward Sword course will be or what would you like to see?

I'd like to see either Skyloft or the Sealed Grounds. I've kind of imagined the Skyloft as kind of like Delfino Plaza for Brawl. You fly around through the air to different areas of the city. For the Sealed Grounds, I've kind of thought that it could be another moving course where you are going up the spiral. There could be special things like a group of Bokoblins charge up or down at you or you see the Imprisoned occasionally.
I'm sorry but I believe Skyloft would not make a good battle location. Civilian areas =/= exceptional combat zones.

The Sealed Grounds, however, are a different story altogether and certainly could make an interesting locale with various levels from which to elevate oneself or vice versa. It would also be interesting to see the Imprisoned appear similar to the way the Ultimate Chimera appears in Brawl's New Pork City.

I honestly don't see much potential for a Smash Bros. stage being squeezed out of Skyward Sword but hey, if Nintendo was able to convert the Bridge of Eldin from Twilight Princess into a decent stage, I bet they can succeed with a Skyward Sword area as well.


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Feb 8, 2011
How about modifying Levias' back into a battle platform? It's definitely long enough and it would be similar to Star Fox's Great Fox stages, but with a Zelda twist. Levias would, of course, float through the air and possibly fly around the islands within Thunderhead. At some point the Bicolyte could erupt from his blowhole, then shoot his eye beams at the players. Plenty of potential exists with this concept.

And contrary to most other views, I actually think Skyloft would be another good stage, and deem that it will be made a stage regardless. It's a lot like Skyworld in my mind, what with hovering in midair but would be much larger, more like a New Pork City in dimension. Yet I have every confidence that Nintendo could convert this into an [awesomely] adequate lateral stage as well.
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Jul 26, 2010
I like 3 of the ideas that people have listed already. The Sealed Grounds with the air pockets blasting people up to high platforms. The Lanayru Desert would be cool with the ancient machines, areas of quicksand, and it would be pretty cool to involve the Time Stones with the gameplay. Thunderhead could have the players start off on the Isle of Songs, then there could be a gust of wind or something to blow the combatants off the island onto Levias' back, and after Bilocyte could pop up and start shooting his green projectiles across the screen, then Levias could drop the players off at other islands in the Thunderhead.


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Dec 19, 2011
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Hmm...I'm not quite sure that there's really any good places in Skyward Sword to make a battlefied in the newest Smash Brothers. But with Nintendo, you never know what you are going to get.
Jun 14, 2011
People have attempted to hack some Skyward Sword Stages into Super Smash Bros. Brawl. One in Particular was Skyloft. I think to have Skyloft as an Official Stage isn't an utter Impossibility, You would explore the Town like Delfino Plaza in Brawl.


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Sep 17, 2011
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Maybe you could have a stage that is based on eldin that is like the ice climber ones. Not that I would enjoy it, but it's an idea. Otherwise I like the idea of a demise battle stage. You could maybe have demise occasionally pop in kind of like dialga/palkia in the spear pillar on brawl.


I really want to see Ghirahim as a character in the new SSB. His taunts I'd imagine, would be amazing.
Feb 23, 2011
I am fond of a stage based in the Lanayru Province as well. I'm not entirely sure as to which location would be perfect, though; perhaps the Sandship? Anyway, it'd be a neat stage mechanic to incorporate the Time Shift Stones in a variety of ways. They could be implemented to not only affect the terrain, but they could also have a neat effect on some of the items and hazards, too. The occasional stage attractions could include the Ancient Robots, desert-based enemies, and a cameo from none other than Lanayru himself.

Another great idea would be the Ancient Cistern. This might sound odd to some, but I can think of several rooms from said temple that'd be a cool addition to SSB. For example, the main room of the temple features the stunning, picturesque Buddha-esque statue sitting in the middle of the lotus pond; and then, there's the dark, bleak atmosphere of the depths - both of which make for an interesting stage mechanic. The premise of said mechanic could involve descending into the depths, and ascending to the surface. (Brawl's Castle Siege comes to mind) Stage hazards would include the lotus pads, whose undersides reveal sharp thorns, the phoenix-like enemies, and various traps of the depths. Sometimes it just takes a bit of imagination; it also helps to remember that many things can be modified to fit into the game.


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I like the Idea of a Delfino Plaza like Skyloft stage!

It would be interesting to see a stage in the Lanayru Province somewhere, in which the players can activate/inactivate Timeshift Stones. I would love to see stages like Lanayru Mines or Lanayru Sand Sea/The Sandship. When a player hist the Timeshift Stone the whole stage transforms (and perhaps it would be a good idea not to be able to hit the Timeshift Stone too often).

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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
The Sealed Grounds would make an ideal location for a brawl stadium.

You could go down the spiral and have occasional Bokoblin running around as previously mentioned.
Then there's the idea for the Imprisoned.
What if just like Dialga/Palkia at Spear Pillar, The Imprisoned, would try to attack you by :
A.) Slamming himself/his body onto the ground.

B.) Slam his hands onto the ground, causing earthquake or tremors.

c.) He'll turn around and try to whack his tail at you?
Either that or he could fly onto the battlefield and you'd have to slash his toes.
Teamwork? : D

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