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Kaleb Dampf

YouTube- www.youtube.com/user/F3artheReaper
Mar 31, 2011
US of A
So lately I've had a major obsession with skype, seeing as how it puts me in close contact with friends new and old. If anyone would like to chat it up, I'm creating a new group soon for those who perform rating and reviews like I do. Expect long chats however, for my average call times are 2 hours
Anyway, if you want to skype it up, add kaleb.dampf to your contacts..... getting a webcam soon for video calls!
May 17, 2010
Middle of Nowhere, PA
I have been using Skype for almost 3 years thanks to Dark Master. At first i was a bit reluctant because i had satellite internet, but as the days went on i discovered Skype had many features. Back then, thanks to my crappy internet, every time i would join a call i would have problems. When ever i wanted to talk, i would have to guess when other people would be quiet because of my lag.

Skype is a great tool for connecting with friends, but it sometimes has so many bugs that it just isn't worth it. Whenever i go on Skype, i mainly use it to talk to fellow ZD members. On occasion i do join calls, but i do not always talk. I never could stand talking on the phone and Skype is no different.
Jun 14, 2011
I once worked for ZD a while ago, so I had to use Skype to be able to talk and work with them. Sadly I don't do that anymore but I still use it just in case anyone wishes to talk to me. I also speak with my close friends as well occasionally but that's about it.


Apr 22, 2011
I use skype only when playing games with friends, hardly ever use it just to chit chat.. that's what phones are for! ;)


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
Now that Lamp loans me his computer periodically I have a Skype and am fairly active. I've yet to VC or do a Video Feed, but I'll be up for a VC whenever I can get headphones. And someplace quiet...


Working on a webcomic. :D
Oct 18, 2007
Well back when the Zelda Community was tighter... I used it to converse with people like Mases, Jason of ZU, Nathan of ZI, Noah at LegendZelda, and other webmasters. I use it mostly to chat since everyone seemed to have jumped off MSN. :/

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