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Should The Legend of Zelda Come to an End?

el :BeoWolf:

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Feb 5, 2016
The series shouldn't end, at least not any time soon. BotW really did well, and becoming one of the best Zelda games in terms of sales.
Fans are constantly clamoring for continued fresh innovation in TLoZ even as they demand a return to series roots.
I think this is why people are so unsatisfied with games. They just can't enjoy a game for what it is. It always has to have something new and flashy. Now of course like every game ever you will have limitations as to what you can do. like a pokemon first person shooter or a Zelda in modern day. These would be too weird.
2.) The story is a mess
I've only ever found a few things in Zelda that contradicts itself, but even then most of these things are easily explained.
But Ocarina of Time is largely considered one of the greatest video games ever made. How do you top that?
Duel release. TP outsold TP by quite a bit. Even just counting wii sales alone it's still one of the high points of the series.


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May 24, 2015
Honestly BoTW does what Assassins creed does and what Skyrim did. It hasn't done anything new. Storytelling has gone downhill from past Zelda's. Combat has gone downhill from past Zeldas. It's not brilliant. It's mediocrity manifest. It feels unfinished. It is like a developers sandbox and it's not like a living world.

Fans are lapping up this mediocrity just like they lap up CoD. This is the way things are going. And yes the way things are going is not for me. I want quality polished products with thoughtful storytelling that progressively improve over their predecessors not lose what made past entries great in the first place.
So by appealing to "the masses", strictly means not "appealing towards you" in this place?

We can go over the many reasons over how you are objectively wrong that BotW is mediocre and the fallacy that it "hasn't done anything new". However, it's clear that BotW doesn't appeal to you. That's okay. But do not take it out on others who enjoy the game thoroughly. I could just as easily argue that Twilight Princess was a mediocrity manifest that just was dumbed down from Wind Waker to appeal to the masses as well.
Dec 11, 2011
I don't think it should end, even if I felt some disappointment with SS and BotW. There's too much potential and more room to grow

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