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Ship Parts


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Oct 14, 2007
West Dundee, IL
What did you all think about the Ship parts in Phantom Hourglass?

When I first was going through the game, I thought it was pretty cool. Just another collectible item for Link to get. When looking at all the ship parts, it looked like it was quite a collection process as there were a TON of ship parts. However, as I got further in the game and realized how the ship parts actually worked... I began to really hate them. There were several reasons and I've listed them below.

1. Duplicate ship parts. Unlike say... heart containers or the spirit gems in Phantom Hourglass, certain ship parts were not uniquely found in certain parts of the game. Instead, they seemed to just randomly appear anywhere. This made trying to complete an entire ship set... let alone trying to get all the ship parts yourself... rather difficult. As a completionist, I wanted to get every ship part, but even after playing the game well after I completed the main quest, I still can't get all the ship parts... and I've since quit on the mission.

2. Lack of ability. What really makes me mad... is that the ship parts, when customized on the boat... do absolutely nothing other than increase the boats 'health'. It's just a way to decorate your boat. While some might like the idea of mix and matching different ship parts from various sets... I thought it was pointless. I would have MUCH preferred there be some actual distinctiveness between the different sets. For example... wouldn't it be cool if the ship had RPG elements to it? Where you could put one type of ship set together and it would make your boat 2-3x as fast? Perhaps another ship set that is purely armor based and will make it have extra health. Then another ship set that will make your fire power much more powerfuly? Then another ship set that will allow Link to ram into enemies and defeat them? Stuff like this.

What did you all think of the ship parts from Phantom Hourglass?


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I liked the idea of them in theory, but not so much in practice. It was great to have so many items to look for, and in a hand-held title at that. Along with the power gems and heart containers, did PH have the most hidden items to find...?

It was neat to give the ship a custom appearance, but given the fact that you were rewarded with extra hearts for a full set, I found I didn't mix n' match very often. It would have been better to have certain abilities given to the ship given the choice of parts. Faster speed, or a better cannon, or the ability to find new treasure areas would have been great.

I also hated the repeat parts. It was because of this that I didn't finish my collection of parts. I think I'm issing 6 overall. It became very frustrating to look for new parts only to get the same ones over and over. Granted, you could sell them, but after a few rare ones were sold, your rupees were maxed out and then there was no real point. There was also not much to buy, so you were at a standstill later in the game.

All in all, I think the idea of the parts was good in theory, but it wasn't puleld off as well as it could have been. Specific parts in specific locations (or even one of each part in random locations) would have helped greatly, and abilities would have sweetened the deal and made the hunt more rewarding.

I hope something like this is brought over to ST in terms of the train, but they really need to refine the ultimate goal and the means to the end to make me excited about searching out so many parts again.


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Mar 30, 2009
Zora's Domain
I personally thought they were cool, I liked them because I could change how the ship looked, I made my ship have an ancient castle type theme thing.


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Jul 18, 2009
Cloud 9
Well i quite enjoyed the ship parts, but have the same complaints as the above posters.

when i first saw screenshots of the customization screen in NP, i assumed that each part affected a different stat, that got stronger towards the bottom of the list. like a 'fear' cannon hit harder than 'eddo's' cannon, or a 'stone' hull could take more hits than a 'vintage' hull.

the duplicates got annoying, too the point that i started keeping them so as not to waste rupees.

but i stuck with it, reset my DS clock 12-18 times a day to re-stock beedle's store. I think i got to where i had only like 5 or 6 parts left when i had to give it back (seeing as i borrowed it :xd:) i bought my own copy 2 days ago and now i have to find them all over again. :kawaii:


I liked them and didn't like them.

I liked customizing the ship and making it look how i want it to look but as mases said the only thing that it improves in your ship was the health. This was good but they could of done more. For me i found it pointless to collect the ship parts because:
1. It is very hard to do
2. I only really want one set because the other sets only made it look different.

It was still fun to try and collect one set of ship parts and i liked how they made lots of different sets instead of only 2 or 3 because then you can choose from lots more different types of ships. i also like mixing up the ship parts to make it look even cooler.

At the moment i am trying to collect all the demon and tropical ship parts. I need the demon anchor and the demon cabin. This might be a bit off topic but the best way for me to get ship parts is to get them from a trade on the near by island next to Mercay island. This way you can get what you want.:clap:


Apr 19, 2009
I liked it at the time, but when I look back on it I realised what a bad idea it was. I tend to read alot of info on the games before I actually play/ buy them. For example, before playing PH (I was playing something else at the time,) I went on Zelda Dungeon and read about all the sidequests, look at the items you can get and had a brief scan of the walkthrough. Then I had a little look through my prima guide for it again looking at the items, what they did, and how the DS functions came into play in the game. So, when I actually played the game, I new that the ship parts were given specific chests, and once you opened those chests it could be any random ship part. I was therefore not disappointed by this, and I have to say the reason that they did this was because if they didn't you'd basically only be able to get every ship part once. Meaning once you sold it, that was it. You couldn't get it back, and there would be a lot of people who would sell their ship parts for money before realising they could only get them once.

However, there was one thing I was particularily disappointed by, was that they only gave you set stats, as in, you only got extra benefits from them if you had a number of them from the same set. I had read this before playing the game, but the first ship part I bought was the 'FEAR canon' I put fear in capitals to emphasise it, because, that's how I saw it. I thought 'SWEET! This is going to be seriously powerful!' How utterly wrong I was. My point is, I don't think they should have made the names quite so suggestive when the actual ship parts themselves were so utterly disappointing. Why call it fear canon? Nothing about it looks remotely scary. It just makes it sound amazingly powerful, which of course it isnt.

Also, I was very annoyed at the Golden Ship Parts. When I first read about these (again before playing the game) I thought 'wow! I know what I'm gonna spend my time going to get while playing!' I was right too. I must've spent hours going through the process of:
-Turn DS on.
-Go to beedle.
-Turn off.
-Turn on.
-Change date.
Eventually I thought 'I've got 4 parts. I've had 4 parts for a hell of a long time. I infact have each of these 4 parts 2 or 3 times each. WHY AREN'T I GETTING THE OTHER 4 PARTS?!' That's when I realised that the only way to get those other parts was to get the 'Big plays.' I tried a couple of times, but that little 'battle' game was simply too bad to actually play. So I gave up.

I hope to see this again in ST, and I hope not to see a 'battle' mode. Let's just say that. It would be cooler if you could buy your 'train parts' back once you sold them aswell. That'd mean that they could make it so each piece has a specific place.


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Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
Agree with the most here.
I really liked the idea to customize the ship, but the only thing it does is gives your boat more health instead of a new other ability. I was really exited about the Golden Ship Parts, but like AngelKid said where are the other Golden Ship parts? I got stuck with 5 parts of them. I was searching and searching but didn't find any other Golden part. The only thing i got was duplicate ship parts. What does it to if you got them all anyway? it doesn't give you a other ability though.

I was not really into those Ship parts, but i like to collect things like the Triforce, Wisdom and Courage gems, so i wanted to complete my Ship parts sets too. It was a real disappointment about the duplicate Ship parts, from some parts i got like ten maybe, it became a really boring quest to search for them all.
All with all i wanted to see more ability like Mases said. I love to see a boat with double speed or with extra Fire Power. No power unfortunately.

The Ships parts was a really great idea from Nintendo... but they are really hard to find because the duplicate parts, i stoped the whole quest to search for them all, it was not funny anymore. Change my DSI date and all for nothing.

I hope to see it again too, but more comfortable and less duplicate parts. Also i hope they add more power or abilities. I like to see the Golden set return and i hope it will be a less annoying quest as in Phantom Hourglass. Hards quests are nice but not like in Phantom Hourglass, the duplicate parts where the most annoying of the entire game.


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Jul 18, 2009
Cloud 9
wait, whats this about getting stuck with only 4 golden parts? I managed to get them all except for the cannon without entering battle mode once. mabey i'm just that persistent o_O?

BTW the Temple of the Ocean King gives you TONS of parts for killing all the phantoms. thats how i gots my golden parts.
Oct 26, 2008
I agree with what Mases and Basement said, The Ship Parts looked great on paper but in theory they were annoying. There was many ways that the Ship Parts and the collecting of them could have been improved....

Firstly, If each piece did different things to the boat, Each piece could have either:

Increased Speed
Increased Health
Increased Cannon Power
Increased Cannon Range

If each piece actually did this it would be much more fun to actually customize you ship, Most people were discouraged to use different parts from sets as if you had more parts from one set then your ship had more health and that was all the parts actually did.

Secondly was the fact that they were so hard to find. The system used to find them was that random is was solid to make sure you knew what piece you were going to recieve. After you neared completetion of all the sets it became nigh impossible to get the last few parts, You usually got a duplicate part which was annoying.

Thirdly was that maybe you could only get certain pats by going to a certain area in the game, Much like Rare Items in normal Zelda's (e.g.. Heart Containers). At least you could then have some predictibilty on what you were getting (or maybe even knew if they didn't rotate the rarer parts between these areas).

So overall I was quite disappointed by the Ship Parts...It became too tedious collecting them and even though I didn't complete the game I gave up on the collecting while I continued the story.


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Aug 20, 2009
Yea like a lot of you all had said, I was pretty excited to see what the combination of parts actually did, and then...dissapointment. The decoration idea is okay, but why? What's the purpose? I think it needs to be a little more than just 'looking good'.

I am a completionist as well, but I never even thought of getting all the ship parts. No way. Too random, too many. I don't exactly consider that a part of completing the game seeing as how whether or not I do collect them all really does not have an effect on anything...it's not even a side quest oriented collection process.

All in all it's a nice feature without any purpose, making it only "nice" and nothing else.
Feb 27, 2009
The ship parts really added a extra part to the game. Almost a side mission... When I played I wanted the ship parts, and I did not care about the game. I got 3 of the golden parts then my evil brother saved over my game! So I started again, but when I would get the parts I could not get them on the boat. But I really enjoyed having this extra 'game' added to the main game.


I need the Golden Bridge

Please, the golden Bridge is the only piece that I need. I can exchange it with:

Golden Prow
Golden Hull
Golden Cannon
Golden Handrail
Golden Wheel

I've played this game for weeks and this is the only thing I need to get 100%.
Please if you can help me let me know. Thanks.
Jan 19, 2009
Temple of Time
The first time I played the game, I knew that you could get Ship Parts, but I had no idea that you could customize the ship. I just thought it was a collectible item with no purpose what so ever. Than when I realized you could customize the ship, I started harder and harder to collect all the ones that I could. I would always sell them if I had more than one of the same one just for money :) Then I took it a step farther, and used my Action Replay to get all the gold parts. That was just plain awesome havening 8 hearts at sea. Overall, I really liked the idea of this, and it is just plain fun to customize the ship.


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Jul 8, 2009
New Zealand
Just got the last ship part I needed.

You know, whilst they don't do anything special outside increasing ship stamina, and they are a pain in the butt to get one of each of, it does feel good to finally have collected them all.

Now I just need the heart container from that stupid arrow mini game and to find someone I can do the big plays with and i'm finished.

Completing the temple of the Ocean King does seem good for at least one golden part when you complete it with the full 25 minutes intact.


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Jun 17, 2009
I'm getting tired of duplicate ship parts, 'cause I only have golden cannon left before I have full gold, but I'm probably not gonna get it any time soon, 'cause of stupid duplicates.

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