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Sexy-cuters? Secateurs?? Garden scissors?!? Whatever!!


"Dandori Issue"
Apr 2, 2011
Lake Hylia
Ya sound it out & hope for the best, if you can't look it up/don't have a dictionary. I had this issue the other night & for the most part, sounding it out works fine. Sure, I went with 'tonusama' instead of 'tonosama' that way, but they knew what I was talking about.

If they know what you're talking about, you're fine. People who judge super harshly on needing perfect spelling are either school teachers, or people I don't want to hang around with, since they're being petty about spelling even though they obviously knew what I was talking about. Shrug.

That said, I did get better at spelling by not relying on looking it up. I do all of my writing in a notepad & don't use spell-check at FIRST. I go back later. In general this has made me somehow better remember how to spell stuff right the first time, after repeated mistakes, of course. Obviously not a technique for everyone, but it helped me with college.


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Jan 31, 2010
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When it come to english words I Google them. Spell checker on my phone is in dutch because I'm dutch. And if google doesn't show me how it's written I'll write it down and see if someone corrects me :)

*Dizzi helps :D

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