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Same Weapons or New Weapons

what would you like to see?

  • the same old boring weapons

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  • a new set of weapons

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  • or half and half

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Dungeon killer

Dungeon's Shall Fall!
Jul 9, 2009
Destroying Dungeons.
During the legend of zelda series there are some weapons that have been in most of the zelda games, but in ST do you think that they might be a whole new set of weapons or mostly the same weapons just some new ones. We already know that they have that new cyclone leaf (or whatever it's called) and A whip which acts like a grapple hook. So if they do have more new weapons what would you guys like to appear.:thinking::thinking:
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The Blue Bomber!
Sep 19, 2009
Ganon's Tower
Well, as shown here.

It does have some interesting affects, I would love to have a "improved" Ice Rod that could freeze enemies and also freezes lava, water, ect. Also using it against a boss (All items do)

Or maybe a Bombchu Sprout? It could explode into 3 littles ones and Link can control them.

Maybe even a "Mind Controlling Insect" where it could control various enemies to attack, excluding the Phantom.

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Well I'd rather have both classic weapons and new weapons. The whip looks cool so I'd like that, the cyclone leaf looks nice, and finally I'd love to see more sword upgrades. The lack of sword upgrades in ph was disappointing.


The King
Aug 18, 2009
I think it should be half and half. I always like to find classic items like the bow, the bombs, the boomerang, and plenty of others. But I find it really interesting when there is some cool new items like the Spinner, the Dominion Rod or the Ball and Chain, like in TP. So, a bit of both would be great.


Dark Link is here...
Oct 4, 2009
There will definately be the classic weapons (bow and arrow, bombs etc.) but there will also be some new items which will fit in with the theme of the game.

The zelda lover

About the"mind control bug" i seen a trailer a whistle that loks like an item and it seems to be like ocarina of time

El Bagu

Wannabe Mr. 1-8-1
Jul 5, 2008
In Woods. N of River!
I want to be surprised and I hope we´ll experience some item(s) that haven´t been "displayed" in trailers and such. I think they quite often manage to incorporate new items in the new games but what I also want is to experience some items from the past, items that haven´t been used in too many games. I don´t have any particular object in mind but I guess you understand what I mean :)


Corrupted Idiot
Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I really loved the old weapons from Phantom Hourglass and all, But the game needed more unique items since it was the less game out of the Zelda series, the Boomerang, Bow and Arrows, Hookshot and all the standard stuff from every Zelda game was back then. I would be great it they put those items back in the Spirit Tracks, but i think it will actually do so, what is a Zelda game without those great basic items? Other side i would really like to see some more interesting weapons like we've seen in Twilight Princess. Some new ad's are also nice, i mean some new ''effect'' like we see on the pic from Silver.

I have to say some improvements aren't enough, i go for half half. Keep the old standard weapons and add more interesting new weapons, it really needs it since i'm not so excited about this game after Phantom Hourglass, i just think it will be the same disappointment, but who nows there are plenty better things to do then in Phantom Hourglass.

But i really like to see some new weapons, ways more interesting as the weapons from Twilight Princess. So no upgraded old items, just a whole new set of items. Some items from A Link To The Past return would be great, like the Fire and Ice rod, but they can also merge this with the Bow and Arrows, would be pretty awesome if they put the Fire, Ice and Light arrows back. A improved Hookshot, Bow and Arrow and Boomerang plus a whole new set appart from the items out of other Zelda games.

How can i forgot about the Bombs, i really want to see the bomb back, also with a new add or other kind of bombs added. But the bombs are needed in any Zelda games, so nobody can say the Bombs are outstanding.
Anyway, i don't want to know which items are new or not, i want to see it myself, suprise me. I can only hope for a new set of item/weapons, however... i will not be disappointed if there are no new items, i just hope the whole game will be better then PH in general.


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
There should abviously be a mix of old and new weapons. You must include bombs and arrows, because what is a Zelda game without them. The whip and the pinwheel that were shown in the trailor looked pretty neat while still keeping the Zelda feel of things.

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