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Red Leader, Standing By.


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
I received the idea from this game from my brother, who saw it on a facebook group (I think).

The way the game works is that the first person (which would be me) will start the game saying "All wings report in," then post after that "Red Leader, standing by." like in Star Wars Episode IV when they are about to attack the Death Star. This kinda plays with the Family guy version a little, as the next person in line goes "Red [insert thing here], standing by." (but don't put the "-s. I was just using them to denote quotes)

It should look a little like so:
"All wings report in. Red Leader, standing by."
"Red October, standing by."
"Red Power Ranger, standing by."
et cetera.
When I declare the game to be over, I'll say "Gold leader, all wings accounted for." and start another round, where you can recycle. I'll do this especially if we start to run out of ideas.

You may use the ones in the example.

Think you get the idea? If you wanna play, only make ONE post at a time, and on that post, only ONE red thing at a time.

"All wings report in. Red Leader, standing by."

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