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Oct 19, 2021
The Silent Realm
Completed The Quarry horror choose-your-own-adventure game.

Somehow got the best ending on the first try. Apparently only 5.8% of players have the "Rough Night" achievement.



The flow of time do be cruel like that
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10/10 which is strange considering I spent the whole day working.

Took a ferry to Long Island with my sister today to help her boyfriend build a shed. It was the three of us plus a friend of his. We spent virtually the whole day building, there were several complications but we managed to work through each of them. It was really great to build something again, even if it was with plastic rather than wood (I can't wait to be able to work in the carpentry field again). Overall just a great time all working together and chatting. My feet are killing me tho lol after 7+ straight hours running around.
Another highlight was the ferry. I LOVE boats. I've been on 3 ferries in my life but this one was the biggest by far. I rode back at like 9pm, so it was mad dark out, but I stayed on the top deck almost the entire ride. The ocean at night was sooo gorgeous, I've never seen anything like it.
Mar 20, 2023
Gender-fluid (she/he pronouns)

I'm tired because I didn't get enough sleep last night, but it was a great day for me. My mother bought me a banana strawberry smoothie at Dairy Queen and we went to a store where they sale necklace and bracelet beads and I bought all kinds of different beads as well as string for jewelry making (necklace and bracelet beading thread) and clasps (I love making necklaces and bracelets and I can sell some of them in a garage sale when I'm done making them) and that store also sale gemstones for collectors so I bought some cool gemstones for my collection (including an Angelite Tumbled Crystal and an Angel Aura quartz Tumbled Stone both of which are HIGHLY SPIRITUAL STONES THAT CONNECT US WITH SPIRIT GUIDES, ANGELS, THE ANGELIC REALM, SPIRITUAL VISIONS, THE DREAM WORLD, UNIVERSAL MESSAGES, OTHERWORLDLY DIMENSIONS, AWAKENING, HEALING, THE HIGHER SELF AND SO MUCH MORE).

Angelite Crystal Tumbled Stones (a light blue gemstone):


Angel Aura Quartz Thumbled Stones (a translucent white gemstone that gleams with an iridescent symphony of rainbow colors that reflect light):


Metaphysical property of the Angelite Crystal:

"Angelite is as soft as silk in energy and physicality. It will transform back to Gypsum when placed in water – a reminder of the feeling of flow that ETHEREAL ENERGY and change that drifts dreamily through this crystal. It is made of Calcium Sulfate and also formed from the cerebral crystal of CELESTITE. Known for its elevated spirit, its tranquil nature, and its promise of SURRENDER and connection to HIGHER PURPOSE AND SPIRIT GUIDES, Angelite is the perfect stone for those on a journey towards deeper shades of AWAKENING. If you want to know more about welcoming the wonder of Angelite meaning into your life keep on reading.

A stone that can instantly help you on your way to CONNECT WITH THE ANGEL REALM, Angelites crystal meaning is ALL CONNECTED TO THE HIGHER SELF AND FINDING YOUR SPIRITUAL SENSE OF PURPOSE. It’s a stone that calls into power dreams, intuition, gentle self-expression, and an expanded peace of mind. Check out all the shimmering healing properties of Angelite and see how it can heal your body, mind, and soul.

Angelite comes with a certain sense of surrender. SURRENDER doesn’t have to be a word associated with weakness, in fact, it takes a whole HEAP OF STRENGTH to stop fussing and fighting and to let yourself get swept along with the energy of the now.

The metaphysical space is truly where the Angelite stone seems to shine. An in-depth cleanser of negative energy, this HIGHLY SPIRITUAL CRYSTAL is here to tap into those stashed away PSYCHIC ABILITIES and to open your mind and heart to make ASTRAL TRAVEL a possibility along with nurturing gifts of TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION, CONNECTION WITH SPIRIT GUIDES and guardian ANGELS and invites you to connect to DIVINE UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE. When dealing with the chakras, Angelite starts at the throat chakra and then moves up. The Throat Chakra is our place of truth and how we choose to communicate our sense of self with the external world. Our Third Eye Chakra is the place that holds our deep intuitive wisdom and ensures that we connect with the chasms of the self so we can connect with others. The Crown Chakra is how we tune in to a higher truth. It’s our gateway to the ANGELIC REALM and the channel we take to EXPLORE OTHERWORLDLY DIMENSIONS. Angelite can also lend a hand in the DREAM WORLD, inviting LUCID DREAMING AND UNIVERSAL MESSAGES to seep through. By WASHING AWAY any traces of toxicity and negative vibes and filling your heart with inner peace and the power of dreams, this crystal is a fluttering white light that calls everyone out from the darkness."

Angel Aura Quartz:

"This stone represents all things DIVINE, ANGELIC, AND OF A HIGHER REALM. This stone gives off feelings of joy, peace, harmony and bliss. It represents our connection with those we love, and it allows us to form stronger bonds. This amazing stone symbolizes the serenity associated with ANGELIC BEINGS. Powerful, yet stoic grace which ANGELS possess are reflected in this stone's enchanting nature. In fact, you may notice ANGEL numbers more frequently when using this stone. Commonly, this stone is associated with numbers 313, 1111, and 717. Beyond this, Angel Aura Quartz seems to possess a warm, radiant glow. This comforting glow invokes a powerful sense of protection to those around it. Overall, this stone’s connection to the DIVINE REALM casts an all-knowing, all-seeing gaze upon the world. The stone truly symbolizes wisdom, as it shimmers with timeless knowledge and abundance. As you are beginning to discover, this stone is a wonder to behold. But what are its healing properties? We discussed earlier how Aura Quartz is partly synthetic. That is, the process involved in its creation (the fusing of metals) does require man-made actions. Some crystal healing practitioners prefer to use only “natural” crystals in their practice. However, for many expert crystal users, this crystal is the once exception to this rule. This is because the stones incredibly healing properties simply cannot be ignored. So what are these amazing Angel Aura Quartz properties?

As we mentioned, Angel Aura Quartz is particularly useful in CONNECTING US WITH THE ANGELIC REALM. So, what exactly does this mean? In order to understand this property of the crystal, we must first understand what ANGELS are. Additionally, it is important to understand how these CELESTIAL BEINGS are positioned within the universe as a whole. ANGELS exist in a HIGHER DIMENSION that you or I. However, through MEDITATION and the use of tools like CRYSTALS, WE CAN CONNECT OURSELVES TO THEIR REALM. ANGELS are messengers of the divine will, and they carry out its purpose. ANGELS are therefore incredibly important bridges between the physical world, and the entire nature of being.

This stone allows us to ascend and COMMUNICATE WITH THE ANGELIC REALM. In doing so, this stone Quartz gives us a glimpse into our HIGHEST PURPOSE. WHEN USING ANGEL AURA QUARTZ, IT IS NOT UNCOMMON FOR ONE TO HAVE VISIONS OF ANGELIC BEINGS. These beings GUIDE US by providing important context into our lives, often in the form of VISIONS of our past or future. A useful way to understand this is to recall the beloved story of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. In it, the main character is taken on a spiritual journey by three different angels. These angels show him his past, present and future. Though this is just a story, it shows us how ANGELS can operate. They can show us what was, what is, and what might be. In doing so, these CELESTIAL MESSENGERS can realign us with our true purpose. As you may know, crystals are excellent tools to incorporate into meditation, and this stone is certainly no exception! As a MEDITATIVE AID, it can help us ELEVATE OUR VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES. this stone does have a very powerful ability to target and align one's chakras. By incorporating this stone into our daily life, we can benefit from its amazing properties."

Also, concerning the ANGELS and the ANGELIC REALM see this (we are guided and protected by CELESTIAL BEINGS OF LIGHT AND LOVE):


And here's one of my top favorite TV series with celestial beings:


Also, I want to give a shout out to my fellow LGBT and pro-choice Canadian Center-Left Christians.

To everyone here on ZD: I hope your day was as good as mine and I wish you only the best.

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Stray the Witch

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Oct 9, 2023
3 out of 10, I'm currently going through an allergic reaction to something, my entire body is filled with red speckles, I'm itchy all over, and I had to go to Urgent Care to make sure it wasn't anything life-threatening. The only good thing that came out of today was the fact that I believe I completed all of my farms in a Minecraft Realm server I'm in, not the ZD one. Well, all of my farms except for netherwart. But overall this day has been hell on me.


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3 out of 10, I'm currently going through an allergic reaction to something, my entire body is filled with red speckles, I'm itchy all over, and I had to go to Urgent Care to make sure it wasn't anything life-threatening. The only good thing that came out of today was the fact that I believe I completed all of my farms in a Minecraft Realm server I'm in, not the ZD one. Well, all of my farms except for netherwart. But overall this day has been hell on me.
Chickenpox? Measles?

Stray the Witch

ZD Champion
Oct 9, 2023
Can't be that, it's not contagious. My family would have already been showing symptoms. It's probably something I'm allergic to, and coming in contact with it.

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