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Zelda Art Profile Picture: Help Wanted!

Oct 22, 2010
Hey guys, I have a task for someone. :3 I've been wanting a new profile pic for lots of sites, and I can't do very much with my computer art abilities (I suck at PC art :xd: ), so I want to get in touch with someone about a new profile pic.

Here's the requirements:

-Must be at least semi-decent at making art on the computer.
-The profile pic must fit the ZD size limits for avatar AND profile pic.
-Be prepared to fit the theme. c:

The theme is this:

I want a version of this

jontron new.jpg

but as Link. Also just the head. I know it's probably really hard, but I think you guys can do it! :)

Contact me through PM (Private Message for those who don't know) about further info! :D


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