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Pre-Ordering Concern


Aug 29, 2010
Hi guys, this is a fairly short thread, but it's been bugging me a lot lately:

I was wondering, should I pre-order SS limited edition now, or wait till like... the beginning of October. Is there any difference to pre-ordering now or later? I mean, if I don't pre-order now, will it be too late later? I'm new to pre-ordering, 'cause I don't pre-order a lot.
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Apr 16, 2010
With most games I pre-order a few weeks before release. However with big games, like Skyward Sword, I usually do a few months before. I would recommend pre-ordering some time before November, at the very least. The game is on very high demand, however, so you should try to as soon as possible, especially if you're purchasing the bundle.
Jun 14, 2010
Yeah... I think like Hero of Time said it would be good to pre order before November. I haven't pre ordered yet either, for the same reason as you lol, I'm new to it and haven't ever done it. This thread will probably help me out too!


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