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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Do you play the Pokemon TCG?

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Happy Valentines Day!
So I'm working on a few things concerning the Trading Card Game for Pokemon Dungeon, and I want to gauge the TCG community here at Zelda Dungeon: How many of you collect or have collected in the past? Does anyone play or have interest in playing competitively?

Any thoughts about the TCG are welcome! I'm interested in knowing what your guys history is with it, or if there are people who know nothing about the card game, but want to try getting into it. c:
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I'm baack. Who missed me?
Sep 7, 2011
United States, Michigan
I mostly just collected Pokemon card for the sole purpose of collecting them. I never actually did a proper battle game with them and even if I did, I sure don't remembe how to now. Also, I started stopping around when Gen IV came out. Not sure why, but still.


Spoony Bard
Jan 13, 2013
I dibble dabble into the every so often but there's not a big group of people who play in my area which is over run by yugi and magic sadly so i cant really play and go to tourneys as much as id like :(


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I used to play and collect, but I no longer do. I've collected several hundreds of cards and used to play with my friends on a daily basis (although we were against the use of elemental cards, mainly because we thought they were redundant at the time). Along with the cards, I've acquired a variety of tins, coins, mats (the giant mats where you place your deck and hand on), ect. I miss collecting the cards, but I simply don't have the money nor the time for them.

Heroine of Time

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Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
Up until the last year or so, I had a large group of friends who went with me down to the Pokémon league and we played cards together. It was incredibly fun, and I only quit after Black and White came out and several of my cards were banned. Unfortunately, in official tournaments, only the most recent cards are allowed. I had an absolutely brilliant Umbreon deck that rendered primes useless, but Black and White removed PokéPowers and PokéBodies and ruined my whole strategy, and I hadn't played the new games so I didn't recognize any Pokémon. So I kind of moved away from Pokémon for a while.

But before that, I was very, very involved. My sister and friends and I always entered tournaments. My younger sister always did pretty well in them. Second place in cities (with the only reason she got second being that I beat her first round! Hahaha!), first in Battle Road (I was second; we were in semi-finals together). We entered state but never won, too. I won (or rather, went undefeated in) a prerelease once, though, just because I got Mewtwo EX and threw him and a couple of Minccinos into a deck with a ton of psychic energies and someone beat everyone that way. Hah, it was fun.

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