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Places You'd Like to See in Skyward Sword's Hyrule

Oct 17, 2009
I really think that the lost woods would be nice, because of how many cool things you could do with wood and the motion plus. also, I would love to have lake hyrule, because this game seems to be rather tropical, and a beach level is perfect for that. the tropical theme might just be the art style fooling me, though

Demon Link

The origin of the Temple of Time. Who made it? The Temple of Time is either in Skyloft or Link builds it to hold the :mastersword:.


I would love to see the Forest Temple in it's prime! I would LOVE to climb the stairs and spend half an hour running up and down them. Also the Ice Cavern in Zoras Fountain would be cool to see, but not icy... Firey!!! (:

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