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Pikachu: Chubby or Athletic?

Chubby or Athletic?

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I like them both but I voted 'Chubby Pikachu' just because it reminded me of the original games... for what all the pokemon look like now though, I like 'Athletic Pikachu', if he looked like 'Chubby Pikachu' now he'd be odd and out of place because the designs for them all are changed greatly.
Feb 5, 2012
I really don't care.
Lol, that phrasing made it sound really mean or something. X3 What I mean is that . . . I LOVE PIKACHU~
The picture in the game is a bit disappointing with the "athletic" one. It just looks too round and weird in the head. In the anime, athletic Pikachu looks great. I love both, but in the games I prefer chubby, and in the anime I prefer athletic.

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