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Ocarina of Time Phantom Ganon - 20 Times

Aug 30, 2009
Ah my god. I tried fighting him like 20 times too. I just couldn't do it. I actually gave up and sold my version of OoT it annoyed me so much. Then I re-bought it at some point, and had to start again, and I tell you, I beat him first time -.-. That was so frustrating and annoying. I've found him too be the hardest boss in OoT, as far as I've got that is. So up to the water temple.
when i was 9,i had my brother beat because i couldn't.ten i couldn't find the goron tunic so i sold it.

then i got the collectors edtion and beat him in 1 try.


Feb 2, 2009
You aren't a loser for fighting him 20 times, as he is tougher than your average boss. I do remember having trouble with him on my first playthrough. If I remember correctly, I had fought him at least, say 10 times. I don't think I died more than twice on any of the other bosses except for Ganondorf, which I think I died like 4 times. Getting the timing in that fight was just really annoying for me, and I can see that a lot of other people think that way too. But anyway, you aren't alone. He is one of the hardest, if not the hardest boss in OoT.


I beat him on my first time
But i could see were he could be hard (HE does take a lot of hits)

Master Kokiri 9

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
well first time i fought him (oot) i died so many times i gave up and eventually I stumbled onto the walkthrough here for oot and it told me that i needed to stand on the corners to avoid phantom ganons lightning attack. yeah but in ww he was pretty easy once korl told me what to do.


I've always beaten him in my first try, but it matters what you're good at. (Well, and I've beaten OoT over 50 (not 9,000) times.)

I know where everything is and how to do everything pretty much, now.


hmmm...on my first playthrough,it took me about 5 times to beat him.mainly because i think it was either late at night or early in the morning or something because i was to tired to keep up with him XD

Halo siera 117

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May 24, 2009
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For me that was the hardest boss in th entire game! I could never figure out which painting he was about to come out of, at least I knew to stand in the corners or it would have taken me twenty times to beat him.

Bongo Bongo

Yeah the first time I played through it, it took me like 7 tries before beating him. Of course now that I'm on like my 4th time through the game, Phantom Ganon is a breeze:D


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Oct 4, 2009
It took me 3 tries to beat him! :P

Because no one could beat him was the pictures part. Because you are never in time or not looking at the right place. Am I right? :D

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Jul 9, 2009
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It took me three tries and then I beat him. I kept on getting fariries in all my bottles before each battle but I had always got my but kicked until I learned to beat him.:dry:o.o


Someone above pointed out that he may be the hardest boss in OoT when you take into consideration the amount of hearts, equipment etc. you have at that point in the game. I thought that was a good point; he's not that hard overall, but given your equipment for the job, he can be pretty rough.


Dec 16, 2009
I almost died the first time through, but I did bring some fairies in bottles, so I was fine for a little while, when my heart started beeping again I knew I had to figure out some tactics.

Did you notice you are quite safe when standing on a triforce on the ground in the corners? From there, you are safe from electric stuff and have a good view on most of the paintings, if you can't see him, wait one round till he comes from another painting. That pretty much did the trick, after he's lost his horse, he's a whimp.

Wasn't there some way to tell which was the real fake ganon? I remember something about being left-handed...

One time I did't have arrows and I had to hookshot him, which was somewhat sucky because you are basically to slow then.

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