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PETA Disses Mario

Sep 25, 2011
PETA has become a group of radicals and what's worse is that they're only doing it for attention, some kind of means to gain attention and what better then to take on the gaming industry's most iconic figure. It's ridiculous... They should have the same thing done to them that all the radicals of the world should, and that's a brisk slap in the face.


There you are! You monsters!
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Feb 8, 2011
The Tanooki suit comes from a leaf, and the Tanooki itself isn't a real animal. As others have said, there are many games where you do much harm to animals. In a lot of Bethesda games, you can maim animals for your survival. In the Call of Duty titles, you must kill dogs before they tear you apart. However, I doubt any of those titles have been given bad rep for those from PETA or any other animal rights association.

Just wanted to point out that the Tanooki, or Tanuki, rather, is a real animal. It seems to be pretty involved with Japanese heritage and therefore the reason why I feel that through their Tanooki...game, they dissed Mario, Nintendo, and Japan.

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