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People Making Fun of You for Playing Certain Games.

Oct 14, 2013
The anti-Nintendo crowd hate Nintendo fans.
The self titled "PC master race" hate all console gamers.
The Dark Souls difficulty gaming crowd hate the casual gamers.
etc etc.

There's always one gaming crowd hating on another. My opinion is like what you like, the vairety is great. Something for everyone I say.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
**** em, I've given up on caring about what games I play. @Dan will be proud of me. I'll play whatever the **** I want and if you don't like it then good for you.

That's the right attitude pal.

To all those that are in High School, do expect to get ridiculed for liking any game that isn't Fifa, Cod, Halo and any other game that features big sweaty muscle bound men. In High School everyone is in a mad rush to appear mature and independent, it's usually after High School when they learn that being mature has nothing to do with what sort of media you consume but about responsibility.


Feb 14, 2016
The Sea
often get hate for being a huge barbie horse adventure 2 player, but honestly at this point **** the haters, im a proud independent DARK MASTER that doesn't afraid of anything! :turkey:

I did not make fun of you for playing Barbie Horse Adventure 2, I made fun of you because you chose the Sparkle Gucci Korean Leather English Saddle with +5 Adorbs trim which is clearly inferior to the Bling-Thing Coco-Chanel Italian Leather, Western Saddle with + 5 Flamboyant Piping. Even your ridiculous turkey agreed with me that for your class and level, the latter goes better with your Shopaholic skill tree.

I got made fun of a lot early in my league of legends career for playing only support. (We're talking first two months I played.) My father makes fun of me for playing mostly story games currently. (Doesn't really bug me in either case. I played support because I was remarkably good at it and was playing with all level 30s who wanted to show off. Around month three I switched to playing stuff I wasn't as good at and they all started complaining that I should stick with support. Glad I didn't, seeing as I gave that game five years of my life and five years of Sona bot would have gotten tedious.)

Otherwise, I usually do the making fun. I've learned from this thread to add "go back to Pokemon" to my list of acerbic remarks as it is more likely to bother the CoD crowd, while also bothering the Pokemon crowd.

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