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Other Characters from the Zelda Series Wearing MM.

Sep 7, 2010
so i just kinda thought about this while browsing about the forums,
imagine if ganondorf were to get Majora's Mask?
could it be more evil perhaps?
now i could be wrong but i think it might be, considering ganondorf has the triforce of power right?
i know ganondorf is not in MM but as the title says, any character in the zelda series.
i wanna see your opinion on this.
or even if minda were to get Majora's Mask.
your thoughts?

if there is already a topic like this im sorry bout copying it.

Din Akera

Jan 27, 2010
My own little world
This is really interesting thought. THough I think lots of people would say it isn't possible as MM exists in the alternate dimension of Termina. But, if it were to travel with the Happy Mask Salesman back to Hyrule...oh no wait...the evil had left the mask. Okay, i don't know if it is possible, but, let's say it is for the purpose of discussion. lol

Personally, my first reaction to Ganon with MM was fear. But, it might not be so bad. Since there are independent evils, both with very different agendas, it might destroy itself so to speak. Majora is a child like evil, that simply causes trouble. Ganon is a 'grown' evil that uses reason and plotting. The two might clash to much to work together.

But, if You simply added Majora's power to Ganon's, Link could have a serious plan. Then again, if Ganon was to let Link run around like he usually does, Link would probably find sages, stones, mirror shards, masks, or something else to grow is own power to match. We will believe in our fearless hero!!


Hylian Thief
Jul 16, 2010
It's a secret to everybody
I just keep finding excuses to post this picture.


I think it's an interesting idea, and would result in a game hard enough to make up for TPs easiness.
Though, as I understand it Majora possesses it's user, so I wonder if Ganny would fall under Majora's possession, or be strong enough to control Majora?
Interesting indeed....
Nov 26, 2008
Majora is a child like evil, that simply causes trouble.
Markings and idols within Stone Tower indicated it was a shrine to Majora. Considering the evil that poured out of Stone Tower and beset Ikana with not just trouble but horrible calamity and bloodshed, I'd say that the force that is Majora is literally pure evil. Many people liken it to a child, but the only time it really displays this is while possessing Skull Kid. This indicates its malevolent force gradually possesses a person and manipulates their feelings. Majora's Mask spoke with high-intelligence when it discarded the Skull Kid, and its ultimate goal was utter destruction of the world. It was a demonic force, not childlike. There's the kids on the moon, but they are likely a representation of the game's core themes of friendship. The childlike second form, Majora's Incarnation could also be likened to a jester or a force of chaos, and both are things that Majora embodies.

Back to the main topic though, in a hypothetical scenario, if Majora's Mask were to be acquired by Ganondorf... Well, I do not believe Ganondorf is stronger than Majora (the entity within the mask). Yes, Ganondorf has the power of the Goddesses with his Triforce of Power. But Majora is a demon or at least a powerful entity that defies explanation. It has to be madly powerful to destroy the world, and is clearly beyond a sorcerer like Ganondorf. I think it would overpower him, and manipulate his emotions and goals like it did with the Skull Kid, which would be much easier since Ganondorf is already evil unlike the Skull Kid who was just angry.
Sep 28, 2010
wooooooo pig souieee
I disagree. If you were to put TP's Ganondorf against Majora, Ganon would probably win. The three goddesses are the most powerful beings in the zelda world so whatever power they grant should be second to none except them, plus ganon's evil magic. If you believe that majora's mask and the fused shadow are related then just look at how easily ganon defeats midna and the fused shadow with his full power. I beleive that the only thing capable of defeating ganon is someone else with power and gifts from the goddesses. Majora could hold his own for a little bit but ganon would prevail. I mean Link only used just a regular sword and maybe some other regular weapons but needed the triforce of courage, the master sword, and the light arrows to defeat him, with the help of the holder of the triforce of wisdom. But back to the topic, I don't think ganondorf would have used majora's mask cause he would have known what it was and seen it as an inferior being. But if he did try to use it then he would have figured out that it was trying to take over after a while and fought against it. ohhh, imagine a ganondorf mask.


Stardust Crusaders
Feb 15, 2010
Seasons in the Abyss [Minnesota]
It is a cool idea but it would pobabely never happen Majora's Mask is in a different dimension.
If ganondorf actually got his hands on it, the results would be horrible for Hyrule and Termina.
Sep 7, 2010
i agree i dont believe it would happen in any of the games
but this is also theoretically speaking.

yeah a ganondorf mask would be scary, especially if it were give you capabilities of the triforce of power. scary stuff right there.
but anyway.

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