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Ocarina of Time Oot 3DS- Seasons?

Sep 10, 2008
Do you think it should be a game with seasons, on the 3DS?
I think Ocarina of time having seasons would be a nice touch. and also make the game feel more real, as well as the 3D ( which by the way, is awesome if you've tried a 3DS) which I think could make the game nicer- imagine Hyrule all snowy!

On the other hand, what about the storyline. After Ganondorf chases away Zelda and Impa, he soon starts trashing Hyrule, and, 7 years later, Link returns as an adult. But, if they added seasons into the game, how would that screw up the storyline? If you played until Zelda's escape ( when you get the Ocarina of time) in spring, then lost the game, found it in winter, and played it, how could it affect the storyline, if you'd left it about 6 months with Ganondorf taking over? Also, couldn't winter affect other things, like the route to Zora's Domain?

Or would you rather it have seasons, but not affecting the storyline, such as in other games where the season is affected by the date, but has no effect on the storyline, being there for more of a novelty?

So what do you think- Oot3DS with seasons a good idea, a bad idea, or shouldn't even be considered?


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
That's a nice idea, actually. I could see how they would do that, with snow, then leaves on trees then sun and then leaves falling off the trees. I think it would maybe be a good idea. I know the different realms do have different weather, like snow and such. But changing seasons could affect Link's performance or abilities, maybe. It's an interesting thought.

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