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Okay, Story Time on How My Life Relates to Zelda!!!

Hylian Pants

Nintendo Wench
Apr 11, 2010
America's armpit
I'm actually using LoZ in a life situation RIGHT NOW! My high school mascot is a knight and every year a couple artsy-fartsy seniors get together to paint a big graduating class mural in the hallway. (The murals stay there forever, so its a big deal). The mural has to include a knight, and because lil 'ol me is on the designing and painting team, I'm already thinking of some ways to sneak a Zelda design in there.. hehe

In my simple design so far, the knight has his sword drawn back and is about to fight a nasty-looking dragon. I've already used a Darknut as a rough reference for Mr. Knight, but maybe I'll post the sketch and we'll see what else is possible ;)


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
While I don't frequently use Zelda references on a daily basis, they will come out every once in a while. On the other hand, at my school, I am considered the walking, talking Zelda encyclopedia. If anyone has any question about any Zelda game they only come to me. It makes me feel extremely useful, but around 20% of the stuff I tell them is stuff I learned from ZD.


Master of Monkeys
Mar 25, 2010
One time my friend told me about a time in an online game where disasters happen every two minutes, and an extremely rare one is where the moon is falling. Need I tell you what he said?

Mighty Deku

I was recently at a party, whenever me or my friends left to do something else i made them say
"tingle tingle cooloo limpa, make me disappear"
Dec 11, 2009
This just happened to me today. Right now in my AP World History class, we're studying the period of 1914 to the present. In this time period covers the two World Wars. They are abbreviated as WWI and WWII. I am doing homework as of now and when I saw WWII I definitely read it as Wind Waker two. Its a good thing this is homework or I probably would have embarrassed myself in front of the whole class ._.


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
I've said many Zelda references every time I chat with my friends, though not of them get what I said. But hey I feel happy enough that I know some Zelda lines. :3

My favorite is the classic "It's a secret to everyone." Though I get no comeback from it.

other lines I like to use are

Let's play the song of storms! It's too hot!
Hey! Look! Let's Listen!
Watch out!
I am Error! (i say this when I made a mistake)


Feb 25, 2010
i was talking with a friend and we were talking about a question on a test that no one could get. i then told it was a secret to everybody. he just stared at me blanky. sigh... i wish somebody likes zelda like me


Sage of Tales
Another thing, long-running...

Ever since last August, I've been working at a horse ranch. It's just part-time. I muck the stables. The job was found for me through a service that gets work for people with disablities ( I'm... rather severely bipolar and have a very hard time dealing with human beings. When humans are frustrating, I get frustrated and usually end up crying or in some kind of semi-violent rage. Working with animals - well-mannered horses - is something I can handle and do well at). I am tempted, sometimes, to feel sorry for myself because it seems that the only job I've been able to do well at is a lowly, dirty job that doesn't pay much and is often the kind of work that people hire illegal immigrants for. I *love* my job (I love the sweet horses), but it isn't a job that carries respect with a lot of people. It's unskilled labor. I work with poop.

A thing that makes me feel good about my job is thinking to Link in Twilight Princess. He started out doing ranch work and became a Hero. Also, I think about Ocarina of Time and Malon, Talon and Ingo - how they worked and lived humbly and liked it.

I know it's kind of stupid, but thinking things like "Hey, I'm like TP Link" as I work makes me feel good.


Randomus Pervertus
May 13, 2010
the ony people besides me that i know are these really weird boys in my math, english and science groups who all hate me, although i often use Zelda references to my friends ( when i need to tell them something i go Hey! Listen! for example) and if the boys are around they all tend to to raise an eyebrow at me, you should have seen their faces when we had to make a mask for a masquerade romeo and juliet thing :D also what is 'its a secret to everybody' from?

okay never mind i have now played the original LoZ!
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Friend of The Kaleesh
May 29, 2010
In the Twilight Realm...In the Twilight Palace
I see Triforces in ceiling tiles, florecent illuminators(Those long lights you sometimes see in schools or in bathrooms), floor tiles, artwork, and arcitectual designs. I also use a ton of Zelda refrences when people talk to me. I also have a theory that LOZ is true, and that there are three goddesses and the triforce really exists. (thats the weird me :D) every time someone talks about something that sounds mildly Zelda-ish, whatever they say, I think 'Hey, that sounded like Ciela' or 'Is that person related to Ganondorf?'. LOZ plays a big part in my life.


Angel of Darkness
Staff member
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
I went to the beach and saw the grass and told my bro I would love to have a sword to see if rupees would come out :P

*Raises hands in the air* Ta-ta-ta-taaaaaaaaaaaaah! You just made your 500th post. What a pleasant surprise!


The epic turnip king
Feb 22, 2010
In a platypus
Well, I have sword fights with my friends a lot. I also make huge globs of Grape Jelly and I put it in bottles.


What the moo?
Mar 4, 2010
a place somewheres
On one of my standerized(<spelling?) tests there was a question (geometery, so math) and it had the triforce. I also saw a triforce at Disney World in Florida inside of an indoor ride (that nobody I know even likes, I just saw it from another queue across from it). And I randomly say Zelda stuff at school and people just look at me, confused.

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