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General Classic Ocarina of Time V Majora's Mask


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Ocarina of Time wins the show this time around, because of my slight biased fanboyism for it (the whole "I played it first", "it blew my mind first – my mind is already gone", etc)...but I really do consider the two to be one big game anyway.

It's sort of like TWW/PH, OoT/MM, OoA/OoS and so on. Same playable character, just a slight change of scenery. (;
I think MM has a lot of points over OoT and is probably the better game to play, the story, graphics, the time innovation and the constant threat of death are all brilliant and make for an interesting and unforgettable game... but OoT makes me feel more.

I can't not get teary eyed when the intro music starts up and Link rides in on Epona under the moon... beautiful. With that scene alone OoT is already half way there on MM. The ONLY thing i don't like about OoT is that there are probably too many dungeons and around the later part of the game it does seem to be that you're going to places for very very little reason other than to get collect something that you aren't going to use. But still... its wonderful to do it. =]

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