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Number 3 Referecnces

Mar 2, 2012
I bet you've probably noticed that there are a lot of things that come in three in Skyward sword. 3 regions, 3 Sacred Flames, 3 Ancient Tablets, 3 phases of the final battle, and fighting The Imprisoned 3 times. Why does the whole game practically revolve around the number 3? Your thoughts?


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Jun 15, 2010
3 is the magic number. Skyward Sword is nothing unique in this fact. Tons of Zelda elements have 3. Pieces of the Triforce, Spiritual Stones, Pendants etc.


Jun 20, 2011
In a tree house.
In TP there were 3 shards of the key in the fire temple thing. the number 3 is used many times throughout the game, although im not sure why, im guessing cause there are 3 triforces, 3 main characters, 3 spiritual stones.
I guess nintendo had a thing with the number 3 lol.

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