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Nook or Kindle?


Thrilla in Manilla
Apr 12, 2012
And this is the part we agree on though I think OP has long since ignored the topic and gone on with whatever decision she has made.

But yea I don't see the appeal in tablets


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
From what I've heard, I hear Kindle is of a better value than Nook. Since the Kindle franchise came out with Kindle Fire it looks far superior than it's competitor; Nook. Although I'd like to argue that both products should be meant for reading like the Nook, instead the Kindle included apps that can be found on your ordinary iPod, iPhone, ect and other apps exclusive to it (usually for reading purposes). Although that can be useful, you're encouraged to use your fingers to play games, select apps and flip pages while reading. As before mentioned, finger prints are a big problem in that factor. Regardless you can still read in sunlight with both products. I see the Kindle Fire as more of a tablet than a reading device. To sum things up though Kindle > Nook > Kindle Fire, imo.

Chilfo Freeze

Emma Jean Stone
Oh boy, didn't know this would turn heated! Well I'm going to state my opinion on the original Nook, since that's what I have.

I love it. It's e-ink, like all the others said. It's got little to no glare in the sunlight, so you can comfortably read outside on a sunny day. You can buy new books, lend books to other people who have a Nook, and also connect your Nook to you local library so you can actually rent books for two weeks or so. I have yet to do that, but it will definitely come in handy!

I'm not sure about other versions of e-readers, but the original Nook can also change font size, text size, paragraph size, etc.... anything to make your reading experience more enjoyable. In order to turn a page or go to the next chapter, there are buttons on the side. You may also use your finger to swipe to the next page. Personally, I never had problems with fingerprints, because with the type of screen this Nook has, it's difficult to see it.

I would definitely recommend the original Nook! :)

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