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New Zelda Characters in Super Smash Bros 4


Jul 17, 2011
District Four; Panem
Post ideas for new zelda characters in ssb4. Personally I think a character that can switch between zora deku and goron (like pokemon trainer) would be epic.

Caleb, Of Asui

Sorry to rain on your parade, but Zelda is one of those series that already has a lot of characters and thus is unlikely to add more. Supposing they do add some Zelda characters, though, (in which case they'd have to do that all around) I'd like to see Byrne as a playable character. He's rather minor in terms of the series, though, so they may not add him. Perhaps Ghirahim would be more likely. I haven't really seen video of him fighting yet, but I imagine they could give a very unique feel to controlling his character.


The Rodent King
Jun 15, 2011
The Tree
There's already at least two threads like this one.

But anyway, with Skyward Sword coming out, they might include Ghirahim. You never know.
I'd also be hoping for Zant, Majora, Chancellor Cole, and Twinrova. All unlikely though.
Also I want Young Link back.

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Tingle. And Navi! And slippy from star fox!!!


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Apr 17, 2011
I'd like to see Ghirahim, he just looks epic, and it would be fun to fight with/as him. He has a sword, so dash attacks might work, 'A' could be used for those little red diamond things he throws at you. Final Smash. . . Uh, remove cloak? Or some super evil darkness thingy. . .


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Oct 22, 2010
All great ideas, very unlikely, but great ideas. I would also like to see Link be able to become Deku, Zora, and Goron Link as C-Controls. And as a final Smash, Link could become Feirce Deity for a limited amount of time. And I would also like to see Vaati. I don't know about his regular moves, but as his final smash, he puts on that special hat that makes him really powerful, and he does something like Lucario's Final Smash, mixed with Pit's Final Smash.


Piper of Time
Aug 11, 2011
The Lost Woods
I'd like to see Majora, the Skull Kid or Happy Mask Salesman. I think they could make interesting movesets. Happy Mask Salesman could have special masks that he could equip. Majora would be, Majora. The Skull Kid could use his flute to create and control puppets to do his fighting for him. I also wouldn't mind seeing Zant, just because, well, he's Zant and we've actually seen more of a combat arsenal from him.

HMS and SK don't seem very possible. Majora probably would have already been added if he was going to get some spotlight.
Jul 22, 2011
Ghirahim is probably the most likely.

He's probably going to be the newest Zelda Villain at the time, he already has a fanbase, and his size, structure, and style would make him a very popular fighter.


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May 16, 2011
Seattle WA
They made Pokemon trainer with three different characters already, why not add Majoras Mask Link? that'd be awesome, that's my #1 vote.

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