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New Boss Concepts

Dec 18, 2010
Idaho, USA
We know the normal flow of Zelda Dungeons. Enter, Dungeon Map, Explore Explore Explore, Compass, Explore Explore Explore, Mini-Boss, Main Item, Explore Explore Explore, Boss. But what if this flow is broken? I remember an old quote saying somelike like that is possible, but I don't want anything too drastic. One of the few things I can think of is you fight a boss, and right before you defeat it, it escapes into the overworld. You exit the dungeon and out in Hyrule Field you defeat the boss. Would you like to see new boss concepts like these? What are your thoughts/opinions?
Nov 30, 2010
Seattle Washington
that sounds kinda like the ganon fight from twilight princess. which was awesome.

It would be cool if you were in like a volcano and the boss gets "erupted" into the sky and you follow it somehow and fight it in the air... oh man


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
We have seen a little bit of this in the past. Aganihm escaped after being defeated, King Bulblin would get back up and ride off after the fight was over, Ganon flew away in LttP, and Ganondorf escaped Hyrule Castle in TP. Since a few bosses are fought in multiple parts it would be interesting to see one or two actually leave the dungeon and rampage around in the overworld some. The overworld of Hyrule never does see any giant monsters that almost infest every single labyrinth, dungeon and temple.

However Gohma, Gleeok, Dodongo, and Mothula appear in enough games that they seem to be species of large animals and not just randomly occurring giant monsters created by magic. It could be possible to find them in other locations in Hyrule other than the boss rooms of dungeons. They have to be coming from somewhere, so why not have Link stumble upon a Gohma nest somewhere in the mountains. Or a Dodongo cavern that is filled with dodongos.
Dec 24, 2010
This change of the flow has been confirmed by Nintendo themselvs. The game will slightly change the flow to keep surprising people.
The overworld won't be obviously devided into fields and dungeons anymore. There will be dungeon-like areas that you have to get through to get to another field area. There will be field areas that feel like dungeons were you have to solve puzzles
and fight enemies, and sometimes even bosses (like in the demo). There will also be larger dungeon areas were you will be able to explore the
dungeon yourself as if it were a field area.
Everything you wished for will happen :P


Lushier than Mercy!
Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I actually really love when there are multiple parts of a boss fight, so I hope there are more of these. Like, you think you've won, but then. BAM! The Boss comes back to fight. I think Stallord was like that. I'm pretty open to how this is done.
I know it was already said, but this is honestly the thing I hope to see the most about the bosses. That and some other interesting turns like 'you don't need the dungeons item to beat this boss' sort of thing.


A few bosses would be cool if they escape from the dungeon, but not all.
And the flow, is the flow, if you change that...for me it won't be a Zelda at all.
I hope they don't change this stuff ...


Hero of the Zora
Nov 5, 2010
I would love to see something where you go through one of the dungeons (which is relatively short) without getting any new item, go to the boss room, open the door... and nothing's there. Then, as continue through the actual dungeon itself, the boss is fought multiple times before the final confrontation (we never know when it's coming.) This is just one of my ideas that I think might work really well in SS.

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