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Spoiler My Biggest Hope for Skyward Sword (Post-completion)


Jan 19, 2011
I don't think this is a good idea. I love being able to explore the world and finish everything up after I've beaten the boss, but if there was peace in the world, wouldn't that mean that there wouldn't be any enemies? I'd much rather have a Master Quest or second quest after finishing a save file....
Jul 16, 2011
New areas? lol this would be just making the game world bigger and without a proper ending.

Instead of having a nice ending at the end, we are going yo get...uh..nothing, the game ending would be Link standing with nothing left to do and you turning off the console.

I don't if we're going to see a boss replay mode, it would be unmoody for a game with a serious narrative and all.


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I think that there should be gameplay after the final boss. I mean, how weird would that be if after you killed the bad guy everything else was all fine and dandy? Wouldn't you think there would still be a few stray monsters that escaped death, or maybe something to finalize the bosses death? Like, if Ghirahim was the final boss, maybe getting rid of the tribe he was in, assuming there is one? I think that would make the game alot more in depth.


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Jul 24, 2011
Hyrule Castle Town
I don't see why some gameplay after the final boss would be such a bad thing. Defeating the final boss could unlock some new areas with some cool new items to collect or some new side quests to have fun with. And they could always put in that feature that allows you to fight all the bosses over again. They could make it so when you beat the final boss again you get the ending cutscene again if people want it.
Jul 1, 2010
Wind Waker got it right. The Nintendo Gallery was Linked between continuing saved games, post-completion, so one could take their Poctograph Box through the game before they would normally obtain it, giving the player a reason to replay the game and complete the gallery. Also, the ability to run through the game in Link's starting outfit was a nice inclusion to mix it up. Perhaps something similar could be done in Skyward Sword due to its immense depth. To add, a hard mode would be nice, mixing up enemy behavior and strength to force the player to be on their toes for a great challenge.

Deku Link

I think this would be a good idea. Some people would worry about there being no monsters, but when you kill the final boss, every creature instantly? Doesn't sound right. And you do do that sort of thing where someone puts you to sleep, and lets you "relive" your past battles. And it would be fun to see things like in Majora's Mask after beating the game. (But Link does leave Termina, so...)


In TP I was so hoping to have that and go visit Ordon village again with all the kids back and Zelda back in the castle. So I hope it's in SS.

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