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Nov 21, 2012
i used to watch it for music, but now they almost never have music on there so I just watch jersey shore occasionally and jackass :)


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Dec 21, 2011
Temple of Time
MTV is a waste of a name, and a company. MTV is nothing but a channel for teenagers to watch inappropriate videos and adults acting like 5 year olds. Many tv channels have gone downhill, and MTV by far is the worse.

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Anything MTV sickens me. I can't stand the stuff they air on that channel. This is true for most channels these days. There are only two things I watch; Comedy Central for Tosh.0 and USA for NCIS.


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Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
Ugh... MTV...
The only current MTV show I like is Ridiculousness. Other than that, the channel is full of trash like Jersey Shore. Ironically, MTV stands for Music Television, even though literally nothing on the channel pertains to music. MTV used to be a good channel, but in the past 10 years, it's become full of junk.


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With Netflix, I've come to enjoy Beavis and Butthead. I've just seen the skits, not the music videos, so I'm still not too familiar with them.

Otherwise, I know nothing about the channel, but the fact that Beavis and Butthead aired on it ought to give it at least a slight bit of credibility.
Jersey shore is a peice of crap and im glad that its almost over why did they have to name it that it makes all of u people in nj look like ******** ****** bags who cant dance and i am sick of it............. and sinse when are girls the color of oompa loompas sexy? ............... but Ridiculousness and beavis and butthead are funny:P


Apr 22, 2011
I used to watch MTV quite a lot for the actual music, but now they have bunch of poorly directed reality shows which I can't be bothered with, the only good one they had is over anyway (Jersey Shore).

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Sep 20, 2011
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I consider to call MTV terrible but I only like to watch Rob Dyrdek shows on MTV2 (Repeats). I would only watch new Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory on the original MTV.

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