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Most Creative Nicknames



I sometimes name my pokemon, but other times I name them after characters from other video games. Heres an example: I named my Umberon Anima (a summon from the Final Fantasy series). I also name my fire type Mario.
Nov 26, 2008
I nickname virtually every single Pokemon I find, the exceptions being Pokemon I don't care for at all (like Audino, at least for now). I usually put a lot of thought into the nicknames and try to come up with something cool. They range from real human names, to words that I feel fit, to references to characters or objects from fiction and mythology. I sometimes put way too much thought into it. :P

My most creative I'd say are...

Ouroboros (Snivy) - Picked this because the titular symbol represents nature and also depicts a snake. Thought it fit the Snivy line great.

Vanguard (Watchog) - Didn't nickname my Patrat, but when I saw Watchog's bad*** glare and pose, I had to call him Vanguard because he looked so brutal and powerful. It turned out to fit amazingly as he started learning brutal damaging and incapacitating moves.

BrightEyes (Blitzle) - Had a female Blitzle and decided to name her (and all future horse Pokemon I get) after My Little Pony characters, so I went to a list of all characters (including the new series and the old toy line) and chose Bright Eyes.

Valentino (Woobat) - Wanted something intimidating to fit the bat thing, but also something that fit "lol hearts", so I chose this Italian name because it makes me think of mafia.

Atropine (Venipede) - Named my Venipede after a poison, and spent a few minutes looking up different kinds, ultimately settling on this one because I thought it sounded really good for Venipede's appearance.

Kremlin (Sandile) - Sandile just screams "Kremling" from the Donkey Kong Country series, but I wanted to call him "Kremlin" (lacking the G) because it sounded cooler, so I guess technically he's named after the building. :bleh:

Viktor (Magnemite) - Got Magnemite from the Dream World and knew I had to give him a really good nickname because I like him so much. Chose "Viktor" out of two spellings for the same name (the other is "Victor"; the one I chose is the Russian version). I chose this name because of an abstract mental association I had, which went something like: Magnemite -> Electricity & Machinery -> Victor Frankenstein's iconic metal laboratory -> lightning to animate the monster -> Victor. :P

Gregori (Arceus) - Wanted something epic to fit the "Jesus Pokemon" as I call him, lol. I picked Gregori, after the Watchers, a group of angels also called by that name... except I just found out I misspelled it. Better go to the Name Rater, lol. Should be "Grigori".


have many named pokemon combining type and animal like heathound for arcanine butthe best was this:
it's like shell of a nut but of a metel knut so GENIUS
Mar 16, 2012
Misaki City
I named my shiny Haxorus Ganon coz shiny Haxorus is black

Also named my Dragonair (which I didn't evolve) Volvagia (get the LoZ reference with Volvagia being a dragon)

Princess Niki

Staff member
Aug 27, 2011
I am going to try to keep this post alive so I am going to start posting my Pokefarm nicknames by field.

The first Field is called Hyrule.

Gardevoir - Zelda
Gallade - Link
Staraptor - Medli
Phione - Pi
Rapidash - Epona (as seen below in my signature)
Nidoking - Darling
Nidoqueeen - Honey
Empoleon - Honcho (after one of the Anouki from PH)
Cradily - Faron
Kabutops - Eldon
Solrock - Sol (after the sun in the Twilight Relm)
Houndoom - Koume
Ice Houndoom - Kotake
Lunatone - Majora
Infernape - Ook
Carnivine - Deku Baba
Spiritomb - Poe Soul
Glalie - Freezard

Once I find these Pokemon
Dark Houndoom - Twinrova
Shiny Gardevoir - Midna
Fairy Togekiss - Navi
Carracosta - Lanayru


Original PD
Site Staff
Oct 2, 2011
I was uncreative when I got older. Just changed the endings to 'ser'
Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
I love nicknaming my Pokemon and name as many as I can, although they usually aren’t too terribly creative. I only named my Pokemon in Diamond version, although I plan to in Black/White when I get it. In Diamond unfortunately, though, I just named them the first thing that came to my head when I caught the Pokemon, so some of them didn’t really make a whole lot of sense. I don’t remember a whole lot of them, but a few I can think of are my Cherubi named Juicy, Sneezy the Sneasel, Beatrice the Girafarig, and my Empoleon named Pippin. So there’s really nothing too creative or particularly meaningful, but I hope to name them more meaningful names when I buy White or Black version soon.


Hero of Hoenn
Apr 9, 2012
The Land Between Regions
I rarely nickname my Pokemon because I simply forget to nickname them. However, I decided to nickname my main team in Emerald after mathematicians and scientists (and even nicknamed a Wurmple "Edison" because my opinion of him is not that great).

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