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Minish Cap Opinions



I Played /beat just about every zelda on console and then i wanted to try minish cap cause i never really played zelda on gameboy and i was glued to it alll night so whats your opinions on it?

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The Minish Cap is a wonderful game. It's not my favorite handheld Zelda game; that title belongs to Spirit Tracks. But I still love MC.

It's story is pretty decent, the characters are interesting, and the gameplay is pretty good. I really like Ezlo and Vaati, and I liked how Zelda would sneak out of the castle just to hang out with Link. I liked the overworld, too. it was really involving, since there were enemies everywhere. The inclusion of the Kinstones is wonderful and really fun. It's like a smaller adventure wrapped up in the main adventure of the game. The dungeons and bosses were pretty average, however the Palace of Winds and Dark Hyrule Castle were incredible challenges.

All in all, it's a pretty well-formed game. it's definitely a lot of fun, and it's a great experience. The Minish Cap is a great game.


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Jul 27, 2012
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I love The Minish Cap as well! It is my favorite handheld Zelda title that I have played so far. I'm glad you're enjoying it! ^^
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is my favorite handheld Zelda game of all time. It perfects A Link to the Past which already was a paragon of 2D gaming. The dual overworld feature is revisited in an intriguing light with the size changing shift. What the game lacks in dungeons is outweighed by the plethora of side quests present be it Tiger Scrolls, Wind Crests, or Kinstone Pieces.

The overworld is overflowing with emotion from the lovable Picori, to the vibrant Castle Town, to flat-out making NPCs happy by fusing Kinstone Pieces. The last of these was revisited in Skyward Sword with Gratitude Crystals. That's not the only inspiration SS takes from TMC, however, as the former features many items similar to the GBA's sole Zelda namely the Mogma Mitts and Gust Bellows modeled off the Mole Mitts and Gust Jar, respectively.

Currently, The Minish Cap is fading into obscurity due to not yet being released on a virtual console service but I have no doubt the title will experience a renaissance in the near future. If the title's inclusion on the 3DS Ambassador Program lineup is any indication that may be sooner than expected.


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May 26, 2010
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The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap is the paragon of the modern 2D Zelda formula; its overworld allows for almost seamless fun. I won't lie and say the game encourages exploration as there are far too many keyholes and locks here and there (for example, a rock that you can only push by first having the Roc's Cape), but the game is just too damn fun. The Kinstones, I think, made the game what it is. I enjoyed finding people and hooking up with them for unknown secrets, and even the Rupee economy was great -- I never felt like I had too many rupees because I could always just binge on Simon's Simulations.

The characters didn't have a particularly great amount of development, but who cares! It was great fun, I lvoed the Picolyte and the three different charms...the game was and is genius. I recommend this game for anyone! :)
I wanted to like this one but it just didn't wash with me. It played too hard on ALttP, to the point where certain areas were exactly the same like Hyrule Castle for example. It was nice to see Malon and a few other faces in there but they felt like reference rather than being included for narrative structure or plot development, I didn't like the story either but that is never anything to get hung up on with Zelda.

For me MC felt a lot like TP, in that it built off of ALttP too much the way TP is said to have done with OoT. In MC the whole shrinking mechanic just felt like filler and a gimmick rather than innovation, the sidequests mostly revolved around the shrinking and while a lot of the puzzles were quite clever they could also be equally annoying, more so than most other 2D Zelda games i've played. MC as a whole never sunk in for me as a new chapter in Zelda even though it started the Four Swords trilogy, i didn't like the doubling Link mechanic either and gameplay elements were feeling far too repetitive far too soon in the game for me. It felt as if it tried too hard while using reference as its basis rather than being something new but then again i'm jaded with Zelda right now and have never really enjoyed the 2D games aside form La and ALttP, so maybe its best not to listen to me.
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Aug 6, 2011
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I personally do not like The Minish Cap. In fact, I might even go as far as to say it is my least favorite portable Zelda game. I've never really been a huge fan of ALttP either, though, so that might be part of it, considering everyone says they're so similar. I never thought such a thing when I first played through, but I suppose I can see where one might think that.

I don't know what it is about it that I don't really like, but I just haven't been a huge fan. I really wanted to like it – the whole concept of tiny people only visible to children and shrinking down to their size is just too adorable to hate, and I actually LOVED Ezlo as a partner. But the thing about it is that it just plain wasn't memorable. If you asked me now, I could hardly even tell you the plot of the game. I don't even know all the dungeons, let alone their order.

I tried to replay it when I got it for an Ambassador game on the 3DS, but I only got so far as Mt. Crenel before deciding I'd rather play something else instead. Some of it is due to the fact that I was so completely and utterly lost for a long time, with no idea how to reach the mountain.

I also don't like the music. I'll just flat out say that now. Hyrule Town and Minish Village are probably the only songs I really like (and Temple of Droplets theme isn't bad). I'm a very music-sensitive person, and I'm starting to think that partially contributes to my perceptions of these games. Part of the problem with TMC is just that... it sounds so staticy! The sound, I mean! Or maybe... that's not exactly what I mean... but I don't know how to describe it. I think the problem is that it was sort of a cross between the simple, catchy, charming tunes of the GameBoy, GBC and 8-bit games and the advanced music of newer console games. I did not like it at all.

And I can't name any characters in the game beyond Link, Zelda, Vaati, and Ezlo. Not one. Aside from Beetle. He doesn't count. None of the supporting characters had personalities that I liked. They were just... simple. And, if I remember correctly, all of the Picori were pretty much exactly the same as far as behavior goes. Lots of games understandably do that for supporting characters, but there were just so many Picori! Couldn't they have done something to have some who were a bit less than cheerful?

...Agh, it sounds like I'm just pointlessly griping again. I'm just struggling to attempt to explain why I don't like the game. Sorry if these complaints are silly. Don't mind me!

Either way, my opinion is that it's not the best of the Zelda series, but I obviously still had enough determination to complete the game, so it's clear that I don't hate it and probably enjoyed it at some point. I still find the style of the game really nice, anyway, and Hyrule Town actually was a rather interesting place to be, with plenty of shops and other buildings around. Unfortunately, as I said above, I do not remember much of anything from the game except for the first dungeon, because that's the only one I beat a second time. (And I remember fighting a giant Octorok, and having the boss key be at the beginning of the temple and extremely confusing me. But that's about it.)


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Jul 12, 2010
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Personally, the Minish Cap is right in the middle for me in terms of portable Zelda games. The game wasn't exactly my taste as much as say A Link to the Past (another 2D Zelda game), but this game was loads of fun without a doubt.

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Nov 29, 2011
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap hands down would have to be my favorite handheld Zelda game to date, I beat it 100% back around the time it first came out for the Game Boy Advance, and am currently attempting to do this once again as I was a 3DS Ambassador and got the game on 3DS Virtual Console. With a rather interesting storyline, multiple side quests available, and quite nice background music, in my opinion the Minish Cap was a great addition to the Zelda Franchise and is one of the few games I actually decided to play through more than once.

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Feb 6, 2010
Minish Cap... my first portable Zelda game... good times, good times. Minish Cap offers pretty much what any Zelda fan is looking for. Intriguing story, plenty of gameplay, exploring out the wazoo, and creative puzzle solving. It's pretty much a clone of ALttP, but it differentiates itself in all areas that you won't see many complaining about that. It leans more towards "hard" than it does "easy", which is what most Zelda fans want. I don't really have too much too complain about it. In fact, I freaking love that game.
May 3, 2012
Definitely play the Minish Cap. I am playing it right now (I beat it when it came out) and I am having a blast. The exploration is fun, not tedious or boring like some other games. It's almost like an updated ALTTP mixed with the Oracle games.


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Aug 29, 2012
I love the Minish Cap. It has taken my #1 spot for handheld Zelda games though I've never played ST and OoX. I find it to be better than most 3D Zelda games in terms of story, gameplay, sidequests (loved Kinstones, I don't care what the haters say), and graphics (super clean 2D). The shrinking feature doesn't take long to adapt to, but it is difficult sometimes to find where little Link can travel to. I don't know. I would put MC in my top five Zelda games of all time, maybe even in the top three.

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