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Hyrule Warriors Material List

Mar 7, 2011
The Netherlands
Cia can be farmed in the Legend mode mission that has 4 of her not to mention the rewards tile for villains. I've also put a link up showing a map and a list of foes where the can be found.. Just waiting on a email confirm to be able to edit the wiki T.T Y U NO THERE

Had the same problem with the email the other day. Finally I changed my email on the wiki (to a gmail account) and I almost immediately received a notification.


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Argh seriously? T.T

{Edit} Okay Major thankies to MartD there, Gmail is required i did not know that :P still took 5 attempts for me to get the Gmail right :P but meh I can start updating sometime tomorrow my computer is due for a re-format soon ^^ Yay.
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