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Ocarina of Time Master Quest - How Long Did It Take Before You Cracked?



It wass at the end of dodongo's cavern that i even found out about walktroughs, and suddenly it was so much easier! so i'm only at the ice cavern now, i don't have that much time to play so.. but i'm probably gonna play aaaaalll of the zelda games, i allready bought them all :D

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It took me about till the Fire temple and by then I was really angry because the enemies were basically barraging me and one whole room took about a third of my health:(

Epic mask dude

Yeah! or maybe I just thought they were more awkward than anything. The Master Quest version does have A LOT of weird things in the dungeons for sure though. Random boxes, Gravestones and even timeblocks everywhere?! I liked all the time blocks in the dungeons though it actually gave the song of time a really good use other then just opening the Door of Time :P I have no clue what Nintendos intentions were with those boxes though... Maybe in an older version of the MQ enemies would pop out of the boxes when breaking them.. I don't know though, They're more weird than anything.

actually, i am currently in the middle of trying to complete a three day MQ challenge with my CGN. and in the first edition of OoT:MQ When you played the song of time you'd find EPIC treasures like 50 rupees in one treasure chest, THAT REFILLED EVERY TIME YOU PLAYED THE SONG OF TIME!!


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Aug 31, 2011
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I thought that the Water Temple was easier in the Master Quest. But that might just be because I had already beat it in the original.


Jan 31, 2008
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Didn't I already answer this one?
I never cracked and ended up using a walkthrough for Master Quest. I had spent quite a bit of time on it with the Gamecube version when it was first released, and I was prepared for the 3D rendition as well. The mirror wasn't extremely confusing... though I admit it tripped me up for a while until I was able to establish that everything was backwards. Just see Hyrule in your head... it's all pretty easy from there. I like how they redid a lot of the dungeons, but they made some of them even easier, in my opinion. In the Water Temple, as long as I used Farore's Wind, I had no use for a walkthrough at all. The Fire Temple was the hardest dungeon in Master Quest - from my experience - and it didn't take a whole lot once you figured out that there were some little things to make you think.

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Master Quest seemed harder at the beginning than the end, simply because by the end, you start to think the way the game works. The hardest bit for me was the very first room in Jabu Jabu's belly. It took me forever to figure out that the cow heads acted as switches! I was mad! However, I did have a lucky break in Ganon's castle at the end of the Spirit section, where the switch is in the torch. I got lucky and running around the room for about five seconds, I noticed the switch. That would have been much harder had I not been lucky and seen the perfect camera angle!
Sep 12, 2011
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I'm playing MQ for the first time at the moment (GCN not 3DS) and am currently at the fire temple, not resorted to a walkthrough yet but it also took me forever to spot the eye switch in the well.
Sep 25, 2011
In honesty... The Ice Cavern and Water Temple in Master Quest were so much easier for me then the Original game. Sometimes you have to take a second and think of a really simple answer instead of a complicated roundabout one. The hardest part of the Water Temple was when you get attacked by three Stalfos simultaneously and they all three used the jump attack on me, taking my health down to half almost instantly.

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Oct 3, 2011
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Masters Quest was easy for me. When I finally got my hands on the gamecube copy I beat it within a few days. Of course it had been awhile since I played OoT so I treated it like a new game. The 3ds version was pretty much the same as the gc version. I had to put it down for a month because i did a lot of camps this summer. When I came back to it the fact it was mirrored didn't bother me anymore.
I found MQ to be easier than OoT.


I am ashamed to say that I needed a walkthrough in the Deku Tree for one puzzle, however I haven't used one since. Master Quest puzzles are actually ridiculously easy as they often have a running trend.

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