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Magic Meter


Zelda Dungeon's Critic
Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
I hope to see magic in the next game. There was always something romantic to using spells to clear your way through obstacles. It was a sign of your power as hero, and your determination. It was your experience and your will of desperation. Spells should definitly come back, and if not the spells, I'll settle for a magic meter for my glowing arrows.


hey, instead of bringing the magic meter back howabout they do one better,
and bring back Din's fire, Nayru's love, and Farore's wind? I for one have really missed the spells from OoT,
and i think it would be terrific if Nintendo brought them back.


I think there`s no hope of seeing our belove magic meter again in this game q.q

Nov 26, 2008
Don't be so sure. Remember, in all the Zelda games, the Magic Meter never shows until you acquire it. We'll have to see when the game comes out. Sadly, you may be right. If they're trying to be more like the original LoZ, I won't mind as much. Still, would be nice to have it.

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