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Mafia D: The Sith Lords

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be vigitant
Feb 20, 2012
Vote: PK Flash

She seems to be the most suspicious at the moment.

I apologize, I thought my post went through before.


Feb 24, 2010
PK Flash didn't even give the survivors a chance to get at him. By the time they all turned towards him, he had ended his life by his own hand. His identity soon became clear.

PK Flash was Zez-Kai Ell, the final Jedi Councillor!

Keeseman, Rachel and TheMasterSword were aghast at what they had just done. Their disgust, however, soon turned to fear as they looked behind them and saw Josh, Pendio and Darknut_Hunter staring intently at them. It suddenly all came together. Those three were the remaining Sith! They realized that even if this farce were to go on forever, they would never be able to defeat the Sith now. It was finally over.


- The Town -
PokaLink - Mical, a Jedi Ally (lynched Day 1)
Kybyrian - Atton Rand, the Jedi Sleuth (nightkilled Night 1)
Xinnamin - Visas Marr, a Jedi Ally (nightkilled Night 2)
Kazumi - Vrook Lamar, a Jedi Councilman (nightkilled Night 3)
Zenox - HK-47, the Jedi Assassin (nightkilled Night 3)
GirlWithAFairy - Meetra Surik. a Jedi Ally (lynched Day 4)
Dracomajora - T3-M4, a Jedi Ally (nightkilled Night 4)
Durion - Atris, a Jedi Ally (modkilled for inactivity)
Erebea - Kavar, a Jedi Councilman (lynched Day 5)
Thareous - Mandalore, a Jedi Ally (nightkilled Night 5)
Raindrop14 - G0T0, the Jedi Saboteur (nightkilled Night 6)
PK Flash - Zez-Kai Ell, a Jedi Councilman (lynched Day 7)
Rachel - Brianna, a Jedi Ally
TheMasterSword - Mira, a Jedi Ally
Keeseman - Bao Dur, Jedi Doctor

- The Mafia -
Josh - Darth Traya, the Sith Godmother
Darknut_Hunter - Hanharr, the Sith Berserker
Pendio - HK-50, the Sith Roleblocker
A Link In Time - Darth Nihlus, a Sith (lynched Day 2)
Viral Maze - Darth Sion, the Sith Immortal (lynched Day 3)

Great job everyone! It got slow at the end but for the most part, that was a great game and I'm glad I could mod it for everyone. The thread is now open for any questions or comments! I'll come back soon to post the night actions and to answer any questions asked of me
May 25, 2008
In my house
Holy Hell that game was eaaaaasy. Killing Zenox and Wyatt right off the bat is the best thing I've ever done. I've got to remember that in the future.


I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Zenox was amazing at the beginning. I shouldn't have attacked Poka like I did making myself an easy investigation and subsequent lynch. Viral's death caught me by surprise though.

A few people suspected Josh and Pendio albeit a bit later in the game. DH never blew his cover throughout. After the key components of the town were eliminated, it was clear this would be a mafia victory.

Good game.


Smash is Life
Sep 23, 2012
Beijing, China
Freaking heal limit... Damn you Austin and your stupid rules.

You can never underestimate the power of the Dark Side of the Force...


Feb 24, 2010
The First Night

The Mafia nightkilled Wyatt and roleblocked Zenox.
The Doctor targeted Josh.
The Sleuth targeted Viral Maze.
The Assassin targeted A Link In Time
The Jedi Roleblocker did not submit their target before the deadline of 48 hours.

The Second Night

The Mafia nightkilled Xinnamin and blocked Kazumi.
The Doctor targeted Zenox.
The Sleuth died and didn't get any more targets.
The Assassin targeted Viral Maze.
The Jedi Roleblocker blocked Xinnamin.

The Third Night

The Mafia nightkilled Zenox and blocked Thareous.
The Doctor targeted Thareous.
The Assassin targeted Kazumi.
The Jedi Roleblocker blocked GirlWithAFairy.

The Fourth Night

The Mafia nightkilled Dracomajora and blocked Raindrop14.
The Doctor did not submit their target before the deadline.
The Assassin died and didn't get any more targets.
The Jedi Roleblocker blocked PK Flash.

The Fifth Night

The Mafia nightkilled Thareous and did not submit a roleblock.
The Doctor did not sumbit their target before the deadline.
The Jedi Roleblocker blocked Josh.

The Sixth Night

The Mafia nightkilled Raindrop14 and did not submit a roleblock.
The Doctor targeted PK Flash.
The Jedi Roleblocker blocked Pendio.

Freaking heal limit... Damn you Austin and your stupid rules.

I guess not being able to target the same person twice was weird, but I've never played a game where the doctor has been able to target the same person two nights in a row, lol.
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