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Mafia 10: Sign-up Thread

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Feb 24, 2010
New round of mafia coming up. We're looking for 17 (possibly more) players and replacements, please note that you must have prior experience to sign up. If you're new to the game, try Beginner's Mafia instead to get the hang of the game first. The theme will be based Toaru Majutsu no Index, otherwise known as A Certain Magical Index. As I don't expect everyone to be familiar with it, knowledge of the show is not necessary to play but may help out some. A wiki for the show can be found here.

~People Playing~
1. Xinnamin
2. Erebea
3. Djinn
4. Jedizora
5. Axle the Beast (maybe)
6. Thareous
7. Kybyrian
8. Nicole
9. David
10. Josh
11. Jimmy
12. MadameMajora
13. Kazumi
14. TheMasterSword
15. Keyshe


Also, please keep in mind that even if the signup fills today the game won't begin until Saturday at the earliest. Being a college student with finals is suffering.


Just to maintain perfect confidentiality, I would prefer to Skype everyone their role PMs. These will be written in the exact same format as in any other game, just delivered over Skype rather than the forums. If you would prefer to NOT be given your role PM over Skype, please contact me to let me know. Additionally, if you want to receive your PM through Skype but you're not in my contacts, please either post here with your Skype name or send me a PM on the forums. I won't be hunting any Skype names down.

Please note that this slight change in procedure is largely the result of my own paranoia and not indicative of any sort of foul play, as nothing of the sort has ever occurred.
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Feb 25, 2010
I'm in, Although I've never heard of the theme. Oh, and my skype is jedizora, so just send the role PM there.
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Nov 26, 2008
I'm in, unless I end up running over too much of Austin's setup, at which case I'll drop out since that would make me a cheater. :<


Feb 24, 2010
sign me up mabey (this is my first mafia game,and i went over the guide)one question how do you know if you are the killer.
If it's your first game you should do Beginner's Mafia. I think we're in the process of making another round of that.
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