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M9: Oracle of Mafia

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Apr 28, 2011
Welcome to Mafia 9! I am your host, Justeazy. You should know that, if you signed up. If you didn't sign up, sorry, but this thread is not for you. Read if you want, but do not post.

There are a few changes to the normal rules, so READ THIS CAREFULLY!
1: NO EDITING This includes deleting. I will not be hesitant about modkilling you for this. If there is not an "EBWODP" or "But wait, there's more...." or "Sorry, forgot to add..." (etc.), there better not be a "This post was last edited by...." tag. The exception is forum mods: Do your job. But if you are playing, please refer the post in question to an uninvolved mod.
2: DO NOT TALK TO EACHOTHER ABOUT THIS GAME OUTSIDE OF DESIGNATED AREAS This means everything about this game, posts, players, roles, etc. Things like jokes and taunting are always game. I have done this, I probably will still do it, and I support it as it encourages activity, but do not turn it into a serious discussion. If I find out, it's grounds for modkill.
3: DO NOT BRING OUTSIDE INFORMATION INTO THIS GAME This includes blogs, shoutboxes, VM's, Skype, online records, etc. If someone posts their information or something somewhere, feel free to use it to your own advantage, but you cannot use it as evidence to convince others. If they find it in a public place, others can use it.
4: YOU MAY ONLY POST IN YOUR DAY PERIOD There are two distinct day periods in this game. I will provide a list of who is in which cycle, in case you get confused. If you are unsure which period it is in or you are in, you may PM or VM me at any time. (This will be exempt from accidental posts on Day(s) 1, for obvious reasons, for the first mistake each player.)
5: VOTE IN THE PROPER FORMAT The format is VOTE: [player]. On a seperate line. I don't care if you bold the whole thing, or just the word "vote". You also do not need to specify an unvote to change your vote, unless you are only unvoting (or prefer to do it that way). Similarly, you may only vote for players in your cycle.
6: THERE WILL BE NO MODKILLS FOR INACTIVITY Instead, I am implementing a "lurker lynch" system. In the middle of the day, I will begin taking lurker lynch votes. This should be, with the exact same format as above, LURKER VOTE: [player]. You may only Lurker Vote on a player with less than 3 posts for the day, and if that player reaches 3 posts all Lurker Votes will be removed from them.
7: IF YOU DIE, DO NOT REVEAL ANY MORE INFORMATION This includes any information you may have just learned, saying something out of spite, or even clarifying something you said earlier. This type of behavior can ruin games and get you banned from ZD mafia (temporarily or permanently).
8: YOU MAY QUOTE YOUR ROLE PM I never thought that "do not quote your role PM" rule made any sense. You can quote, paraphrase, or whatever you want, any information from your role PM.

Extensions available upon majority vote.

I let a few new people who showed potential into this game, against the protests of some experienced members. Whatever. Anyway, even most of our experienced members could use the help (I got a ton of information that's helped me play well), so please take the time to read these useful links:

Onto the intro.

Do you feel that?
Feel what?
Exactly! That controlling influence. It's gone.
You're right! I don't feel it anymore.

His dark power. It's finally gone!
Since before he came into this world, he was using that power to manipulate us. And that kid-
-set us free!
The light!
Of course! We couldn't see, the shroud of darkness over our eyes was too tight, but-
he saved us from an eternity of servitude!

Link left the Spirit Temple, not after having achieved his goal, but after giving Twinrova the chance they never had themselves; to enter the light and be free of Ganondorf's dark influence. However, it wouldn't last. They only managed to escape in the moment of their discontent because of the dark lord's frustration with Link, and his preoccupation allowed the elemental sisters to slip through his grasp. However, after Link had sealed Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm, not only did he no longer have physical problems to busy his power, but he was on a closer level to their new plane of existence. And he took with him the Triforce of Power. It wasn't long before he had found their consciousnesses, remarkably intact for such weak beings, floating in eternity.

No, this isn't better.
This isn't better.
Is that you Koume?
No, is that you Kotake?
This is not better.
Without Ganon feeding us power, we shall wither!
Kotake, it's-
There can be no other way! We are all we have left, and we will lose eachother if we do not go back!

Koume, I do not want to lose you, you old hag!
That's why-
we must-
go back!

Of course, those ancient women were so easy to control! They were slaves to his will when they had their own bodies and their own power. Now, they were little more than cobbled memories in an endless void. There was nothing they could do to avert his manipulation.

Their bodies were simplistic to restore. All he had to do was find the vulnerable husks of some Gerudo witches, and he could easily move their spirits into their new homes, regardless of the limited reach the Triforce of Power provided from this realm. That was simple enough, then he set them to work, once again under his absolute guidance, in order to restore himself, for his body had much greater requirements, the likes of which took more than a few dying warriors to restore.

Kotake, the ice witch, would freeze solid the land of Holodrum in cold darkness. Koume, the fire witch, would set ablaze the land of Labyrnna in burning shadows. The catastrophe would eliminate any native power, and break the ancient seals that held these lands apart against nature's intentions. They would converge as they had been millennia ago, when the dark power had roamed free upon the lands before the Goddesses had set their magic seals to protect the world. Only from that wellspring of dark power could he be reborn, and only from that ancient source of immeasurable evil could he reenter the world. No, he wouldn't be the same King of the Gerudo he had been when he had been beaten by that mere child. He would be reincarnated as his true self, the dark being of pure energy known to the nightmares of the world as Ganon!

Holodrum was closer, and as such Kotake would reach her destination first.

Eeeeee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

The witch flew over the land, casting bolts of energy so cold it could shatter a tree from the immediate freezing of the water in it's trunk. And that's exactly what she did. Bolt after bolt flew down, until little remained of the land. Houses, crumbled and destroyed as families ran for their lives. Individuals hid in the corners of the town and under trees, huddled around short-burning Emberseeds for precious life-giving warmth. Lakes and streams froze solid as the fish in the water and birds on the surface became trapped in a sheet of ice. A complex just outside of town collapsed, and a group of shady individuals fled to the remains of the town, seeking shelter. They would serve their purpose, for Kotake, for Ganon, or they would die along with the rest of these pathetic mortals! Finally, the witch sealed the north passageway with a giant wall of ice, effectively sealing all the survivors inside the remains of the town of Holodrum. What fate would hold for them, only time would tell.

Meanwhile, Koume neared ever closer to her destination of Labyrnna; the citizens there oblivious to what awaited them.

Day 1: Holodrum

Big OctoDavid
Green Goronillmatic
PK FlashNinten*
Son of RaidenThareous

"I'll come back to haunt you!"
-Kotake and Koume; last words
Heroes of Hyrule, Volume VII
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Sep 10, 2011
Vote: Big Octo

Well I guess I should post first,and say Hello


There you are! You monsters!
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Feb 8, 2011
I am glad to see so many survived... There may yet be hope for both lands to unite and bring down the Terrible Twinrova!


Collecting Dust
Sep 27, 2010
Loving the set-up! Looks to be an intresting version of the game!


The game is on!
Alright! This sounds really interesting! Also, just to enlighten those of you who don't know, I'm Komali. I just changed my name. :)


Feb 25, 2010
Well, seems like I get to start.
Vote: Son of raiden.
First post is suspicious.


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Apr 9, 2010
Vote: Thareous

If you'd like to know why, please refer to Mafia 3 (it could be earlier than 3, not sure).


Err... I think I lost.
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Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
Todo, I get the feeling no one is going to see the whole YOU MAY ONLY POST IN YOUR DAY PERIOD rule, given that it's smack dab in the middle of the rules, like...literally right in the middle, so easy to miss...you should color it cyan or something :bleh:


The game is on!
Do you guys think that one of us is Kotake and that Koume is in the other group? I guess that sounds reasonable. Also, in which group do you think Link is? :?
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