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~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
For me it depends on the song. I can't usually hear lyrics very well due to my deafness but some songs I look up lyrics for because they actually singa bout something good. I like classical music sometimes because there are no lyrics and it is just a nice melody. But some other songs have really obvious or easy lyrics to learn so I learn them. But I usually pay more attention to the music itself.
Jan 28, 2011
To me lyrics always add to the beat of the music. I really like anything that sounds good to the ears though; so bad lyrics would definitely impact how well it sounds of course (as far as the tone of the persons voice). As far as the lyrics actually making any sense though, I would actually say that it makes a very small impact (to me) on how good the song is. I think System Of a Down is a good example of this. I really don't understand what the artists is trying to say, but they have a good tone and have a good beat (IMO) so it works for me. :D


Dec 7, 2009
Inside my personal pot, killing some bugs.
With or without lyrics doesn't matter much for me. The pros and cons made me undecided.

Why? In most of cases, it very, very hard to understand the lyrics for the first time (unless you are reading it while listening, heh heh), but once you get the idea and figure out it's "message" (a lot of songs are like messages), the music gets more interesting.

However nothing is perfect. Tons of songs we listen nowadays are so cool that it gets stuck in your head easily, but the lyrics... Doesn't make sense (example: Baby-Justin Bieber).

Still, there are plenty of nice songs which have cool lyrics and transmit an epic message (like 8th commandment- Sonata Arctica and Together- Fumie Akiyoshi, but these are old).

Yeah, the artists don't make any good songs like before anymore...


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
Listen to the lyrics of "The Little Things Give You Away" by Linkin Park. If you haven't figured out already what it's about (it's very very specific) look it up. Wow.
Feb 1, 2011
Songs that I don't pay attention to the lyrics are songs that the lyrics aren't important.

But there are songs that I listen to and the lyrics really stick out.

So I don't always pay attention to the lyrics but when I do they really impact me.
Dec 19, 2011
The lyrics of a song is like the heart of the song, if there's no lyrics then there's no song. The meaning of them are like blood vessels of the heart, without it there's no lyrics. It's all put together to make something that change people's lives, and I think that's the most beautiful thing music can do. So yes I think their very important. :)


What a fearsome beast!!
Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
To me the lyrics of a song make an impact enough of whether or not I keep listening to a song. EX: disturbed, Down with the sickness. Because Of one verse i couldn't listen to that song for years. Though sometimes i'll hear a song and i wonder if people know what they are jamming out to. EX:Muse, because of the twilight saga alot of people were into the band and there songs were everywhere. I'm not sure if anyone knows that the bulk of there songs are anti government and even one of them
Soldier's Poem

Throw it all away
Let's lose ourselves
'Cause there's no one left for us to blame
It's a shame we're all dying
And do you think you deserve your freedom

How could you send us so far away from home
When you know damn well that this is wrong
I would still lay down my life for you
And do you think you deserve your freedom

No I don't think you do
There's no justice in the world
There's no justice in the world
And there never was

And the song it self sounds so beautiful, just like a lullaby.
I don't know lol i guess what i'm trying to say is that i prefer to know what i'm listening to and what i am jamming out to before i start belting out something that could get me in trouble.


The incomparable legend
Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
I don't pay any attention to the lyrics. I could not tell you the lyrics in pretty much any song. Now there are a few songs I know the lyrics to, but I don't pay attention to them. I just like the way the words go with the music.


There you are! You monsters!
Feb 8, 2011
The lyrics play a very influencial part in how I interpret songs. It's not uncommon for me to faze out as I analyze the words and meanings implied. I love listening to songs that fit my mood of the moment, or just listening to them when I feel neutral. For example, as I'm working and want to get things done quickly, I'll go for something fast-paced, something that would fill me still nostalgia and adrenaline, such as Free by Crush 40. Conversely, during my bad days, I prefer a slower song to match the degree of my grief. I usually turn to tracks like Let It All Out by Relient K. Music in general helps a person find some meaning and/or worth in their identity, who they are as a human being. That's why I love it so much, with lyrics or as an invigorating compilation, suchlike To Glory by Two Steps From Hell.

Luke's Wife

peaked in 2015
Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
Lyrics are SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT to me. I always listen to the lyrics in songs, and I like to listen and see if I can figure out the story behind the song, the main message, stuff like that. Usually lyrics have a huge impact on me, some that are beautifully written and go perfectly with the music make me cry. I love songs with really deep lyrics that just sound gorgeous, but I;m actually not really into poetry :$ or at least I don't like writing it.


You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
They are important to me for most songs. When I first listen to a song, I usually ignore the lyrics, and pay attention to the beat. After though, the lyrics mean things to me. Lyrics have changed my life in many ways. They make you see things in a new way. They can make you happy, depressed, or put you in the mood to party.

The only song I don't know any of lyrics to after listening to it more than seven times is Feel Good Inc......

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