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LoZ Symphony


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Nov 10, 2011
Wisconsin, United States
If you have the $, then it's worth the drive (I'm about 2-3 hrs. away, depending on traffic). Even if you heard someones recording of it, or listen to the songs on the CD, you'll still be amazed when the performance is right in front of you. Also note that the CD is played by 70 people (50 instrumentalists and 20 choir members), while the Symphony of the Goddesses is played by 150 people (100 instruments, and 50 in the choir). Eimear Noone will be conducting, but every location will have an orchestra made up of local performers. Keep in mind the merchandise: $35 for a poster and t-shirt set.

So I assume you went to the concert then? If so, then is the only merchandise available the poster/t-shirt set?

As part of my birthday present(even though my birthday's two months away), my mom ordered me two tickets for the Toronto show! Who I'm taking, I do not know yet, but I'm sure I'll figure that out soon. XD
I was actually listening to the TP symphonic movement in class today and realized I'll have to wait several months until the actual show to possibly hear it live... but it will be so worth it.

Wow sounds like me! On Christmas day, my parents gave me a note in an envelope that said when the tickets for the Minneapolis show went on sale, they would pay for two tickets! So that's how I got mine! I asked one of my friends to go with me, but she hasn't validated whether or not she can go. And I have the same dilema of listening to the CD in class and then realizing its months away! :/
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Apr 27, 2012
i went to the one in san francisco! i cosplayed for the first time and i don't regret it! i'm only a nerd for zelda. i didn't care what people thought because attending a video game concert is the nerdiest thing i've ever done in my whole life.
worth all $85 of my dollars.

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