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General Classic Link's Awakening: Need Help in Dungeon 2, Bottle Grotto!

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My friend was playing Link's Awakening and told me he got stuck in the 2nd dungeon. He thinks there's a bug in the game that prevents him from being able to beat the dungeon. I told him he just screwed up and he missed something... Well, if I can find out what he missed, he buys me a burger, so please help me! :)

There was a key (the blue one) which he forgot to take, and he died. The blocks now prevent him from getting to that key. Green keys and doors are ones that he has taken/unlocked. He has beaten the mini boss, so there's a portal. He needs that key to get the power bracelet, so he can finish the dungeon.

Will anyone accept the challenge to help me? :) THANKS A LOT !

See the map for details


Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
Did he get the key from killing the shy guys? That's the blue key I had trouble finding it when i first looked at the map
also I want to say if you leave the dungeon the blocks should reset.

If they don't He may have to restart the whole quest.


Japanese Wannabe
Sep 4, 2011
British Columbia, Canada
I'm going with Night Owl on this one. It's only Lv.2, anyway.

But if you want to be tricky, and get that burger that you mentioned, ask if you can borrow it over night. If so, go on his file and write down everything stat or item-wise. Then restart the file, get up to Lv. 2, Bottle Grotto, then get the key and say something believable of how you "fixed" it.

I offer that out of experience. (Expect I got $15)
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