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Zelda Art Link Sullivan and the Odyssey of the Master Sword...A Real World Zelda Tale

Apr 16, 2010
Here's a story about an idea I've been playing around with for a while. It is kind of like the Percy Jackson series, in that it has most of the Zelda characters and some places, but it takes place in our modern Earth. Enjoy! I hope you like it and please tell me any mistakes I make:

Link Sullivan and the Odyssey of the Master Sword

This story is dedicated to kokirion for unknowingly getting me more active on ZD and sort of inspiring me to write again :)

1: Devastation, Destiny, and Double Cheeseburgers

I sat there playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that morning with no clue of what I would be in the middle of the next day. I had gotten the game on my first birthday and had *played it ever since. I kept track of how many times I had beaten it.

I looked at the sheet of paper while Mido told me I needed a sword and shield to get to the Deku Tree. 386 times I had beaten it, and I was aiming for another before my birthday in a week.

"Come on, Link, you'll miss the bus!" my mom told me.

I forgot to mention my name is Link, and it is my real name. No lie, my parents were such big fans of Zelda that they named me after it's protagonist. I loved it, the name Link Sullivan just kind of flowed together. I didn't look much like Link, short brown hair with a little blond, I was much taller than the normal twelve year-old Link's and I had blue eyes like the ocean.

I picked up my backpack, and ran out the door towards the bus. I took a seat in the very back next to my best friend, Colin.

Me and Colin were just about the two coolest kids at our middle school, point guard and center on the basketball team, all the girls liked us, etc. Colin had short brown hair a lot like mine, and he was a little shorter than me. He was listening to our favorite song, "Teach Me How to Dougie" on his iPod. We rapped it all the way to school.


Once we got to school, me and Colin went to our homeroom which was math. A few minutes into class, the phone rang.

"Mr. Sullivan, the principal would like to see you. Take someone with you if you would like to do so," our teacher, Mr. Newman, said.

I took Colin with me and walked down the hallway to the office. The principal rarely talked to students so I knew something was going on.

"Hello Link, I bring bad news, both of your parents have been killed by terrorist attacks. Specifically plane crashes into both of their workplaces."

I started crying, and felt stupid doing it in front of Colin, but then I noticed he was about to cry, too.

"This is there will," the principal said, and handed me a sheet of paper.

I read it to myself:


Although I cannot be there to tell you this, you must listen. This is your destiny! The people that will soon enough kill your father and I will come for you next. You must go to the Amazon, you'll know when you are at the right place. Your grandpa will take you there. Meet him outside of the school and follow his every direction. And remember that your father and I love you so much!

I folded it and shoved it in the pocket of my green Jordan shorts. Me and Colin just left the principal's office and went outside to my grandpa standing next to his black Hummer. I must mention my grandpa became rich after winning the jackpot on three lottery tickets at once. Some said he used magic, but that was ridiculous. He had his own private helicopter, and a huge mansion. He wore a light blue polo shirt, khaki pants, and black sunglasses. He was about my height, and had very few wrinkles and gray hairs considering he was 63 years old.

"I guess I must leave you to it," Colin said to me. He put his head down and turned around.

"No, you're coming with us," my grandpa said.

Colin slowly turned around with his eyes open wide.

We got in the car, and I double-checked for my phone, iPod, and wallet. They were all there.

My grandpa drove us to McDonald's to get some food before we left. I got three double cheeseburgers, fries, and a chocolate milkshake. I chowed it down like nothing, and finished about the same time as everyone else.

We got back in the car, and drove to my grandpa's house. He had me and Colin go put on some nicer clothes for the "presentation". I put on a green polo and khaki shorts, and Colin had the same thing but his polo was dark blue.

"I knew you would put on the green one," my grandpa said. I guess I did wear green a lot.

We walked around the large, white mansion, and looked at the big, black helicopter.

"Get to the choppa!" my grandpa joked. Colin and I laughed. We boarded the chopper, as we set off I realized my grandpa could fly pretty well.

There was two rows of two seats, me and Colin sat in the back two.*

My grandpa said it would be about six or seven hours and that we should get some sleep. So I rested my head back and did just that.

End of Chapter


Just like you. But cooler
Jul 30, 2010
Wherever history is in the making
Great chapter ;) one of the first zelda-related fan-fics in the modern age.

but it was quite fast :D. He's at school, a minute later he hears his parants are dead, yet another minute later his grandfather brings him to the amazon and 5 seconds later his best friend is leaving his parants to join :P
no it was a bit fast but good :D
Apr 16, 2010
Thanks all.

THP: Well you'll soon find out that the terrorist attacks are tied together and the people who did it are...........
Apr 16, 2010
Here's chapter 2 of many, and it's much less fast paced:

2: Into the Amazon

I woke up late at night. I looked out the window of the helicopter to see the stars shining brightly in the sky. I yawned and rubbed my eyes.

"Awake there, I see," my grandpa said. He had to've heard me yawn.

"Yeah. Are we close?"

"About ten minutes. Listen, when we get there, I can't stay. I'll have to leave you there. But trust me, it'll be fine."

I trusted him, so I just sat wondering where we were going and why.


Colin woke up right before we started landing. I noticed a huge tree much bigger than the other ones. And these were monstrous trees.

We landed in a small clearing with just enough room for a helicopter. I said goodbye to my grandpa and he gave me a compass and said to go straight north. He flew off and me and Colin hiked north.

It seemed a little sudden to me, but I had a funny feeling that this was right.

I swatted at a fly as the sounds of all the animals filled my ears. I asked Colin, "Do you know what we're doing? And why?"

"Nope," Colin said, "but it'll be alright, little bro."

Now, Colin and I weren't actually brothers, but we might as well have been. We did everything together. He was so much like an older brother it was crazy. We even looked alike.

I ducked below a low branch and felt it scratch me. I winced and Colin noticed the red spots on the back of my shirt.

"You alright?" Colin assured himself.

"Yeah, brah, I'm good," I told him.


After about an hour of walking, we reached another clearing and decided to sit for a little bit.

I noticed a monkey on top of a high cliff jumping and clapping. Considering I had never seen a monkey before and didn't know how they behaved, I ignored it. But something made me keep on looking at him. I saw a climbable tree next to it, and well, you know what I decided to do. I had Colin follow me, and I started climbing.

When I reached the top the monkey started making "Oo oo" and "ah ah" noises. And he led me towards a large wood slide. What it led to I didn't know, but as I saw the monkey go first, I decided to go despite Colin's thought.

End of Chapter
Apr 16, 2010
Chapter 3! I can feel this story building!:

3: The Great Deku Tree

Now, before I tell you this next part of our story, I would like to tell you that Colin had a terrible life at home. His parents didn't care about him, and his brother always beat him up, so he was happy to come with me on this adventure.


I remember falling. Falling forever. I knew Colin had gone after me because he, too, was screaming. And then I saw light, and a force pulled me into a large, light green orb of nothingness. Me, Colin, and the monkey were inside of it, looking at the largest tree in the world. And it had a face! And as I saw little Kokiri boys and girls, I realized I was standing before the Great Deku Tree. Leaves, hills, small trees and treehouses fulfilled the scene with glory.

Colin was mumbling to himself, and I realized that he was also a Zelda player.

"Hello," the Great Deku Tree said in a very grand voice. This didn't surprise me since I had played the game so much, but this whole situation was very confusing. "Welcome to the Kokiri Forest!"

Colin and I's jaws dropped. Thoughts flooded my head like a graceful tsunami.

The Deku Tree read my mind like a book and said, "Allow me to explain. Millions and billions of years ago in the land you humans call Pangea, existed our lands of Hyrule and Termina. But when some species from outside of our lands came in, I believe they now call them dinosaurs, we were forced to go into hiding. And we've been here ever since. But we're not the only ones, all of the inhabitants are spread throughout this earth."

If my jaw could've dropped anymore, it did then.

"Link," he began, "your name is no mistake. You're the descendant of the great Hero of Time. And that is the reason for your parents death. Two people you may know as the Twinrova are responsible for that."

And then it came to me, despite the amount of good in Hyrule, there was also great evil. By then, I had come to accept all of it, because denial would just drag me down.

"And Colin," said the Deku Tree, "you always wondered why your parents didn't love you. That's because they aren't your true parents. You are a Kokiri, Colin. I am your father."

End of Chapter


The tree hugger of Hyrule
The first chapter seem really sudden, but the pace is slowing down, which is a good thing. But what I recommend is try and make a little episode, on what exactly Link is thinking about everything being shoved into his face. The pace is so sudden, that it might seem to be a little less sudden, if you add what Link is thinking.

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