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Latest Video Game Purchase

Jan 1, 2011
OoX series would've suffice as well honey ~ ;)

I recently bought Castlevania Mirror of Fate. I'm somewhat compelled to play this game, I didn't want to buy it but since I'm ready to play LoS2.... I always continue a series!

*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
I bought Pokémon X first, then a few weeks later I bought Y and also a DS game called Lufia, which I ended gifting to my little niece.

And Aurrie, I wanted to get that game, but I will prolly wait. Do tell me how it goes, I am a fan of Castlevania. :nod:

Snow Queen

Mannceaux Signature Collection
Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
Transwoman (she/her)
I don't buy me games, yarrr!

I recently bought a used copy of Minish Cap, Etrian Odyssey III, some Japanese Neon Genesis Evangelion game for the CommodoreNintendo64, and Sonic Lost Worlds. All of them (except Evangelion) was worth the purchase.


Wake Up!
Nov 13, 2012
Since my last post i have purchased a Lot of games you already know i got ALBW as a download for my Zelda 3DS, only Three being actual physical Copy, this being Super Mario 3D Land, and Scribblenauts Unlimited and Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks. The rest were downloadable game.

Nes Classics:
Legend of Zelda
Adventures of Link
Four Sword Anniversary
Megaman 2

Sega 3d Classic:
Shinobi 3

Indie games:
Cave Story
Steamworld DIg
Gunman Clive

All of which are good games! so theres you update on what ive been buying

I have also recently bought 3 Xbox 360 games, Madden 12 cuz it was the last good Madden to be released. Halo Wars, which is pretty fun, and C&C Red Alert 2. seem i need to Brush up on my RTS skills.

I also got some bargain Bin game Mortal Kombat, NBA2K12, which is a year late for the dribble stick so i am having a hell of a time with it and i think thats about it will next month, ill update you all again then!
Jan 1, 2014
Alberta, Canada
My copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney finally came in the mail. I'm itching to find out what my friends have been fussing about for years, but I think I'll try to finish Phantom Hourglass before I play it.
Oct 26, 2008
Last purchase I made was Hearthfire for Skyrim, but if you mean last full game then it was Contagion if I remember correctly. It's an excellent game, it just needs a little polishing and it'll be there. However, it's not technically a purchase but the last game I got was Loadout but it's a free to play game on Steam.
Jul 1, 2013
Just got Star Wars: Dark Forces on Steam. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have Lego Racers 1 and 2, so my nostalgia trip remains incomplete.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
Just bought Fable: Anniversary (because it's finally out!) and Batman: Arkham City (because I found it really cheap in the same store) today

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