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The Bringer of Chaos
Nov 8, 2023
inside your computer
Nocturne I love how you just randomly manifest from time to time.
^◡^ I just realized how inactive I am lol

well, I guess I better go back in stealth mode so I can come out of nowhere again

Very nice sig.

I saved a bunch of those ocarina songs in my photo album and I was a few seconds away from putting Zelda’s lullaby XD

also I love “… I am for hire. … You shouldn’t have done that.”

My dad has a habit of switching out the people in our Manger with action figures when no one is looking lol. I think he's done transformers, ninja turtles, video game characters, legos, and several others I can't quite remember XD
I used to do that too XD


The flow of time do be cruel like that
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I tried playing minecraft survival for the first time. I dug myself a house in a cliff, couldn't leave because there was a witch outside my door, made some ladders + trapdoor so I could dig out, dug up, a then witch fell through my roof and immediately killed me. I wasn't even in a swamp biome where the heck are all these witches coming from XD I'm going back to creative.


you are not immune to propaganda
Nov 3, 2020
It's been an interesting day.

North and South Korea have formally suspended the treaty they signed in 2018.

In totally unrelated news, the Korean pop group BTS has enlisted in the army.

Imagine seeing those headlines in your feed.

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