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Last person to post wins


just a WORTHLESS BUM alone on a pile of bricks.
Apr 16, 2021
I assume you're at least mostly ****posting here, but I still feel compelled to say don't do that to yourself
oh i get drunk, but my youthful stride expels it from having any lasting effects. cant wait to be 30 so i can feel all gritty and cool when my head actually hurts the next day


My mind is racing
ZD Champion
Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
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The Great Old One, Star Spawn, Sleeper of R'lyeh
ZD Legend
Jan 22, 2016
United States of America
So, I don't have a kidney stone! Small victories!

And the audition for singing with the other band was successful, and we have a show in the next few weeks!

Nervous because I've always been self-conscious with my voice, but the guys assured me that I'm better than the last vocalist, so. Another victory!

Not only that, but I got a call from admissions at Musician's Institute exploring any questions I've had, and they said that should apply. So, fingers crossed!

My wife just worries that me being in three projects, that it might be too stressful for the time being, but I can't sit still.

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