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Larger Supernatural Threats in Future Zelda Games?

Apr 23, 2010
*nods* I see I see I see.

So these morphos, they're probably NOT redeads, since redeads are mindless zombies. They just resemble them, correct?

By resemble, I mean they are what Redeads should have been. The kind of basic monster that would instill fear in those newer to the Zelda series the way Redeads might have done for those who played OoT when they were 5. For instance, there's one sequence where you are being guided by a Poe through haze and hordes of Morphos creep toward you to the point where they are breathing down your neck...and they just don't stop. Not to mention the fact that they can shape-shift which means if your in poor company with them, they could scare the living crap out of you.

Heh, heh. I planned it this way. *Cue evil laugh*
Apr 23, 2010
That would work...

And wow. What do they want there? The morphos, I mean...

In regards to the creepy Morphos bit? Well the landscape I mapped out is essentially an expanded Hyrule Kingdom with locations like Faron Woods, transitioning to Eldin Coast, and on the other side is Lanayru Peninsula (keep in mind this is only one kingdom of many). And there in the Lanayru Peninsula, given how its brushed up against the Lost Woods, development of civilization withered and after the events of the new baddie's evil unleashed, it's been infested with Morphos (this being your first time dealing with them). So the entire Peninsula, until you get to the southern tip where a small village managed to thrive off of the nearby port, is covered in this fog that the Morphos emit when in large numbers to "blind" their prey.

They're all under the command of the Morpho King (who turns out to be a serious side quest where you get to be a Monster Slayer of sorts- Van Helsing anyone?) and he's manipulated by the new baddie (Gaburen, if you're interested in the name) to prevent the Hero of Time from getting too close. This is because the Morpho King, like any faithful monarch, wants to provide his people safety. And in a world where they aren't wildly accepted that means everything (except for of course, the Land of Fiend...but even then they disguise themselves. Odd tidbit, Bulblin, Bokoblins, and Moblins are even disgusted by the Morpho presence, which is why the Twili stick to their realm).

It's great fun once you tough out the Lanayru Peninsula and the Land of Fiends as once Link and Zelda get the Lens of Truth and Lens of Purity, they're able to better distinguish between Morpho and non-Morpho. A few good side quests, and it once again recreates (improves, even) the "dungeon dynamic." Before you'd be looking for keys and passageways, etc. But condensing the necessity increases the character value, which means Morphos never get old. They are always going to be somewhere in the game, where you're going to have to implement strategy not just to navigate levels, but figure out how the pieces of the puzzle (characters) unlock the mysteries of each level. Sure, there may be keys, but the characters are also the keys!
Apr 23, 2010
Wow that's cool. Is this going to be a fanfic or a comic or what...

I've done the whole fan fic route. I wouldn't mind it if I was just starting out with my creative writing talents. But I'm in it for the the long haul and yeah, it's probably not the best step to contribute on forums. But I've been committing myself to independent developers and these kinds of places are where I go to get the juices flowing.

My earlier work on the project is linked in my signature. It only gets up to the point where you're heading off to the first "level," and ever since then I've been reconstructing it. For instance, I think I still use the word "samurai" in the story. I laugh at the younger me, but it's to get a point across to those who may not be up to speed on all my research on Zelda elements.

I'm in the market for a mutual friend actually who's talented in graphic design. If I can't compile an entire story, the least I could do is have a storyboard on reserve. It'll be my life's work until I'm graced by Nintendo's presence after receiving praise from the game developers I'm working with. Of course, I would hope this kind of thing gets recognized sooner than later as this kind of game is something fans have been waiting for. And I'm a Nintendo lover, so I've been dying to set it apart from other major titles.

Some times I feel like Nintendo doesn't fully embrace the story behind what makes a story (if you catch my drift). Zelda is a very human story, as we are the only market for the game. Therefore, it's hard to imagine a story without character, and characters without heart. That's passion.

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