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General Art Knights of a Barren Wasteland (*SIGN UP*)


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Panda is finally writing again!

Go ahead and be proud.

Give me those manly tears.

This was partly inspired by the Hunger Games, but I came up with this idea on my own (you should be proud of me). Basically, children from the ages of 10-18 are kidnapped by a mysterious organization who call themselves the “Saviors” and force the children (who are called “Knights”) into their school that consists of mostly combat training and regular school.

I’m lazy and unoriginal, so sign up. Kaythx.

Combat training is more important and emphasized (and what sane person actually wants to learn?) in the story, so combat teachers are more important than other school teachers. But that doesn’t mean that intense education isn’t there.

Knights – (requirements: must be children from the ages of 10 to 18)
Ice (Lucie Cariole)
Rain (Sajiv Orta)

Saviors (Staff) – (requirements: must be people who are 18+)
Leader (Principal): (huge part of the story, 1 person. Preferably male)
Vice-Leader (Vice Principal): (some part of the story, 1 person)
Combat Teachers: (some part of the story, 1-3 different people)
School Teachers: (mentioned a bit, at least 4-5 different people)
Medics: (small part of the story, 1-2 different people)

Others – (no requirements. Just characters I push around occasionally)

Please use this example (the main character) as a sign up sheet:

Name: Lucie Cariole (self-explanatory)
Code Name: Ice (Usually one word, because according to the Saviors, real names suck)
Gender: Female (self-explanatory)
Age: 14 (fulfill requirements for age)
Role: Knight (self-explanatory)
Affinity: Water (only fill this out, if you are a Knight. Generally all of the elements; Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Lightning)
Appearance: Short, white hair that she dyed herself long ago. Doe-like, cerulean blue eyes. A little short, but stands at 5’3”. Pale-skinned. (self-explanatory)
Biography: Ever since childhood, she never liked the presences of others. Her parents were never home, probably drinking and doing drugs, so she was home alone a lot. When she did go out, she ignored the other children’s pleas to play with her and usually sat in a corner by herself and this persisted into elementary school and middle school. (self-explanatory)
Personality: Silent and stoic. Doesn’t like to interact with others, but secretly wishes not to be alone, as she has always been alone since childhood, except for her best friend. She is rather cold to people and pretends not to care for others. (self-explanatory)
Weapon: Prefers close combat, so she excels in hand-to-hand combat, but she uses a knife, sword, and pistol. (self-explanatory. No tanks)
Notes: Really loves animals, but never keeps one in her house. Also likes being on the internet and playing video games. (self-explanatory)


Sign up.
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Feb 23, 2011
Name: Sajiv Orta
Code Name: Rain (derives from his proficiency with throwing knives and use of lightning)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Role: Knight
Affinity: Lightning
Appearance: Tall, slender. Kind of pale, with a seemingly permanent scowl on his face; tattered hair black hair. Red pupils.
Personality: Loner. He might seem emo and callous on the surface, but he is actually quite kind and resourceful when necessary, due to his street smarts. I'd describe his personality as dark, mysterious, and misunderstood.
Biography: Isolated since childhood, mainly due to having been brought up in an orphanage whose caretakers were corrupt human slave traffickers. He finds out about the caretakers' evil ways and he, along with a group of orphans, leave the orphanage, but they eventually go their separate ways. Sajiv wonders the streets alone for two years until he nearly dies in a brawl with a gang; he is eventually found by the "Saviours."
Weapon: Swift, speedy, dual-knife wielder. He prefers close-combat, but is proficient in using throwing knives when need be.
Notes: He generally always wears dark colors. He almost always wears black and grey.

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Jul 9, 2011
Fighting for my life in the Hunger Games
Name: Zerrin Buscus
Codename: Razor
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Role: Knight
Affinity: Lightning
Appearance: 5'3" thin, messy dark brown hair, emerald eyes, olive skin.
Personality: Intelligent, Funny, Quirky, Quick thinker, Daring, Has a hard time trusting people, He may seem quirky, fun and smart on the outside, but he is secretly a tortured soul.
Bio: He was born into a happy family. He had lots of friends and he was a cool kid to hang around. One day, when he was 10, A family friend gave the location of his home to a local gang. His home was attacked and his family disappeared. (they are presumed to be dead.) He was soon found by a local orphanage. When he was 12, he began to develop a crush on a girl in his school named Arina. She wanted to just be friends and broke his heart. That same day, the Saviors found him walking home from school, depressed. They kidnapped him and you know what happens from here. he goes to academy, trains, gets codename, meets new people, blah blah blah.
Weapon: Staff with a spear tip on one end and a blade on the other. The staff also has an electric field around it that can be turned on and off. (Electric field looks like lightning)
Notes: none really. Good luck with this story. I'll be reading!

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