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Is Zelda to Easy?

Mar 14, 2011
Hey to all again, I have been thinking and I rarely ever die on any Zelda game.

This made me think is Zelda to easy to play. I mean the puzzles hardly ever change in them, and the monsters crack me up cause they are no challenge.

So what do yall think cause i think nintendo should really start paying more attention on making these games harder and more of a challenge, and less on what the characters look like and the graphics.

Also they could just make a setting where you could switch between Easy, Normal, And Hard.

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Jul 24, 2010
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*Is Zelda too easy

It depends, a T rated game like Twilight Princess should be more difficult than it was. An E rated game, like Wind Waker, should have moderate difficulty because it's meant for players of all ages. I think WW had the right difficulty for it's target audience, it can be played by those who are somewhat good at and those new to video games.


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Aug 29, 2010
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Heh... When I saw the title, I thought this might be about something else.

Anyway, the difficulty in throughout the series is a conversation I've had more than once. The topic generally centers around the enemies being pushovers most of the time. However, in terms of the dungeons and puzzles, I think that they've found a pretty solid difficulty rating for most of those, especially in the next-gen titles. Then again I tend to get lost in dungeons because I never really have time to do one in a single sitting. (Busy)

I suppose they could complicate things a bit more, but personally I'd prefer to keep things moving with how the puzzles are and really focus on making combat more complex. And what I mean by that is: for the love of GOD, don't complicate things with the sword movements we have to make with the controller. Those give me enough headaches. I would just prefer tougher enemies, or at least enemies that take a little more thought than just aiming for the eye or hack, hack, hack- dead.

Link1017, I know you hate AoL, (we've had this conversation) but if you're looking to get your grapes handed to you by the enemies, head to Death Mountain with a level 1 sword. I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, considering your feelings about AoL, but it may by your only opportunity for a real stompin' until Nintendo turns up the heat on standard enemy battles.


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Mar 7, 2011
I think it depends on the game..i mean i can still remember dying a couple times in Ocarina of Time..yes i know thats bad but i was just starting out as a gamer so i needed to get better..i do remember that i died a lot less in Twilight Princess. I agree with Moldorm with the whole enemy idea and would not be against making enemies or dungeon bosses a lot more difficult to beat..i mean who knows what Skyward Sword has to hold when it comes to other enemies or dungeon bosses.


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Mar 6, 2011
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Hmm. well, I think the Zelda Game are fine the way they are, But they can be different for all players. for instance the Lake Hylia water temple can be a breeze for some while for others it is a hurricane. Plus the Items you use can change the difficulty, for instance trying new weapons and avoiding the one you know will kill the enemy. I'm just saying that you make it easier or harder on yourself, you've just gotta try!


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Dec 6, 2010
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Well, I think some of the games could stand to be more difficult, but overall I think the difficulty fits well with the series. The focus has, for the most part, shifted from the combat-centric formula of the original two games to the more slow-paced, puzzle-centric version we see today. They have gotten a pretty good formula as far as puzzles go, but the battles have gotten a bit too easy over the more recent games. Twilight Princess was much easier than it should have been. The Darknuts were the strongest normal enemies, but even they were more or less pushovers (except the Cave of Ordeals, but that's a whole different story).

I think part of the problem is that your health meter is so enormous later in the games and the enemies don't really deal a significant amount of damage. That and the fact that there are hearts everywhere and potions are easy to come across. Also, the fact that (in the 3D games, at least) your shield will block EVERYTHING enemies can throw at you doesn't help the difficulty either. The only difficult combat moments I can remember in TP were when you were just swarmed by enemies like Chilfos. I do think that Nintendo ought to up the combat difficulty, but leave the puzzles as they are. Well, maybe make them more difficult than Twilight Princess, but still. I hope combat is a bit more challenging, or at least more involved, in Skyward Sword.

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Sep 28, 2010
If you want to make LoZ games difficult trying doing 3 Heart Runs on the games you think are on my 1st 3 Heart Run of OoT I died 24 times and I play at least once a month since I first when i turned 6.
Mar 14, 2011
Ha Moldorm I dont like Aol but i did play and beat that game just cause i dont like a game doesnt mean i wont play it especially zelda i play them all good or bad..and i have done the 3 heart challenge easy..and so i agree though the puzzels i guess can stay the same but the battles should definatly be harder.

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