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Twilight Princess Is That Malon Singing in Hyrule Field(at Night) ?


May 9, 2010
Not sure if there's a thread like this but anyway...every time when it becomes dark in Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess and the theme starts to play, it sounds like Malon singing. Hopefully, I'm not the only one who's thinking that's her singing....

The 'voice' that 'sings' during TP's night music has always reminded me of Malon, and its quite obviously a reference to Malon. for me TP is very heavy on Malon even though she isn't in it. Link is a ranch hand, he has Epona etc etc etc, Malon is the only one woman who doesn't turn into a sage that could be described as a love interest in OoT too.

I like to think that its a mother's guidance kind of thing for her son or grandson or great great grandson or whatever Malon's relationship could be to TP, its lovely to hear anyway and it gives me chills every time i hear it. TP is the only Zelda i prefer to play during the night sections of the day cycle because of the music.


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Yeah I'll second Spirit on this one. OoT Link became the hero's shade, and he teaches his great great great grandson special skills. Even though it's just background music that wouldnt be there if it was real life, I like to think Malon watches over TP Link too. She is the most likely love interest for OoT Link imo.

To be honest though, I never thought of this when I heard that music. Has to be because I played TP before OoT...


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
Speak of the devil, eh?

I agree with what Spirit had to say, it felt like a motherly thing and helped build a connection with Ocarina of Time in an unexpected and interesting way. It's a pretty well done and subtle reference and gives the night-time a haunting ambience.


Oct 24, 2012
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I think it is a non-contextual reference, nothing more. A charming reference back to Ocarina of Time, no doubt, but afaik the notion that Twilight Princess' Link is descended from Malon is only a theory. A large emphasis is placed on ranch aspects in TP. Link is a rancher and epona plays a large part in the adventure. Both Kakariko Village and the Hidden Village are very reminiscent of wild west ghost towns, and Epona's Song is strongly influenced by country or western music.

Epona is the main mode of transportation in Hyrule Field, and the voice of Malon sets an eerie atmospheric tone as the blanket of darkness descends on Hyrule Field in the evening.


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Oct 28, 2012

Koji Kondo just though it sounded nice. It really doesn't anymore like Malon than the voices during Blizzeta


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Jan 16, 2013
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Perhaps not.

This could simply be a coincidence. Zelda uses a variety of musical pieces over many games and some sound similar, but I suppose its possible.

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Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.

I seriously never noticed that. When I first saw this thread, I was going to say, "No, of course it's not Malon, silly!" But now that I listened to it again...

Wow, that does sound quite a bit like Malon doesn't it? Haha.

So, yeah, maybe it was a bit of a reference. I'm not so certain, though. I wouldn't say it's impossible or even unlikely that it is supposed to be similar to Malon, but I wouldn't doubt it if the creators just thought the voice sounded nice there. It's not like it is clearly singing anything familiar. It could easily simply be a computerized voice that they wanted for the melody.


Jul 1, 2012
Haha I have actually never even though of this....

Seems quite similar, so maybe itnwas put in as a small easter egg or reference to Ocarina of Time:)


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Jul 27, 2012
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I noticed this the first time I played Twilight Princess as well! I believe that it's just another reference to Ocarina of Time.
Jul 7, 2012
Just like Seria's song in sacred grove, its like the spirits of Links friends in OOT still lingers in hyrule to help guide and watch over TP link...its rather haunting yet peaceful ...
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Mar 8, 2014
Now call me crazy, but I read somewhere, a while back when the game had only been out for a year, that in the Japanese version there were a few references that prove that voice in the field at night in Twilight Princess was in fact Malon. It was about Giovani's quest, that the curse of gold had originated to his wealth which was from his ancestors that had often done bad things to acquire wealth during a time of conflict in the past. Talking to more NPCs some more and you find out that in the past a building in the middle of Hyrule field had been burnt down during a conflict from nobles of Hyrule.

Now I don't know if this is true or not, but I racked my brain and put two and two together and figured that should this information be true then...the building that burnt down was Lon Lon Rance and Malon was singing a song of sorrow for her destroyed ranch and that possibly Giovani's family and his curse was related to this incident. Nice huh? But if anyone can confirm this that would be great.


Apr 6, 2013
Hazzlehurst GA
I would like to think it was Malon, but giving all the references in TP to OoT I think it was just a small Easter Egg. Can't believe I didn't notice and I thought I knew everything about TP....guess I need to go play it now!

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