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Is Metroid Going to Be Ready for the WiiU in 2013?

May 2, 2012

So I just finished the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii along with Fusion and Super, my five favorite Metroid games in the series, then I thought to myself about the future of Metroid.
Apparently Retro Studios has been working on a project for the WiiU for awhile now and even though everyone wants Starfox, or FZERO, I want a Metroid game.
The Prime trilogy is over and I thought the best way to move on into the future would be another Metroid game from Retro. I love Retro Studios and what they have done for the series. From the amazing concept art;


to the stellar atmospheric soundtrack;



I could only imagine what Retro could finally do with an HD console in their studio. I remember putting in Metroid Prime for the GCN and sitting there in complete awe at the title screen, then the slick menu screen. I noticed a lot of Metroid fans can agree that Retro killed it with the menu and itle screens, they were something of their own to experience, but can they do all that they've done on the GCN/Wii and make it ten times more amazing now that they have a semi-powerful console to work with?
What would you love to see in a new Metroid game for the WiiU? Would you enjoy having Retros name plastered on the game case again?

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Metroid Prime 4 or go home.

Other M was an alright game but not the direction I'd like for console Metroid to take. The game tried to mesh what made the 2D titles and the Prime series great but ultimately fell flat.

Retro did a great job with the past Metroid Prime games and Donkey Kong Country Returns as well as Mario Kart 7's retro tracks thereafter and I see no reason the company couldn't craft another excellent installment.

As interesting as the light and dark mechanic was in Prime 2 and hyper mode in Prime 3, I'd like for Prime 4 to return to basics astounding with excellent new environments and graphics. As many have suggested previously, the Game Pad could function as the scanner much like in ZombiU. Hopefully a Metroid game will hit Wii U in 2013.
I've wanted Prime 4 ever since Metroid 1.5 was mentioned. 1.5 had an awesome story which saw Samus on a ship with a homicidal and schizophrenic A.I, this notion sounds wonderful for a Metroid game; Samus has had whole games on entire ships before and planets and usually stays in one place throughout a game with the exception of Corruption which had planet hopping. Being within a conscious vessel intent on killing you has all sorts of mental complexes that Other M tried and failed to be clever with, and its pretty creepy to think about. They had a lot of good gameplay ideas as well that would really make Prime 4 worth every buck. Metroid is still my favoourite series and I'd love to see Prime 4 as much as I'd like to see a 2D game with HD visuals like New Super Mario Bros U, imagine how dark and awesome that'd be, even on the 3DS if it were a Super Metroid remake or sequel to Fusion.

Metroid got screwed over in 2011 when Samus turned 25, Kirby and Mario got celebratory games and Zelda got a new game, an encyclopedia, and a touring orchestra! Whereas Metroid got nothing at all and worse yet its anniversary followed the wholly disappointing Other M which generated some negativity around the series. So Metroid really needs to throw itself to the front again like Prime did and Prime 4 on the WiiU with the gamepad and panoramic views would be stellar and the 1.5 story would be a boon too.

Really though, Metroid doesn't sell enough for nintendo to celebrate it or knock out new games with any haste so even though Shigsy has expressed interest in making a Metroid for the WiiU, i can't see it happening any time soon, Nintendo will probably need to ride the wiiU for a good long while since they released first and may want to release after the the next next gen just so they can say they're more powerful that time around... so yeah we'll get a metroid but it wont be in 2013 and maybe not even 2014.

Odd that metroid is so overlooked when so many games in the series are hailed so highly...


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Sep 7, 2011
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I actually thnk that of all the Nintendo series, Metroid will be the most fit and ready for the WiiU. It could have you have the 3rd person view on the television and the 1st person on the gamepad which I think could work out for some great gameplay.


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Mar 17, 2012
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I can't see Retro wanting to do more Metroid, to be honest. After spending the best part of a decade doing nothing but Metroid I'm sure they'd probably like to work on something else for a while. That said, Retro did describe their current project as "a project everyone wants us to do," so who knows.

Personally, I want a 2D style Metroid for the 3DS before a Wii U game but I do want Metroid to make it to Wii U and the sooner the better. While a Metroid Prime 4 would be nice I think it's time to see what someone else can do for Metroid. As the Prime Trilogy went on it felt like Retro were losing their enthusiasm for the series and so I think someone else should be given a go at Metroid or Nintendo should just develop it themselves like they used to.

I doubt it will be ready for 2013. There are a few games I feel Nintendo need to have on Wii U in 2013 and a Metroid is amongst those but I don't think they will get it out this year. Let's hope for an announcement at the very least.

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