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Impa's "race" the Sheikah.



Yeah, there was also Kakariko Village, where the Sheikahs were said to live in OoT and in TP, there's that abandoned village that you get to, the one with the old man/lady ( can't remember gender) saying that the village was once home to the Sheikahs who protected the royal family.


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Nov 10, 2011
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I don't think the Sheikah is a race.
"Have you heard the legend of the "Shadow Folk"? They are the Sheikah...the shadows of the Hylians"
This is a direct quote from Shikashi, some random old dude in OoT. It would be odd to say that a race is the shadow of another race.
I believe that the Sheikah are just a group of Hylians that are sworn to protect the Royal Family. They are more of a "clan" than a race. After all, Impa from OoT does have pointed ears like Hylians.


Apr 15, 2012
Yeah I can see how you over looked it but look at the sages and the locations of the temples. Saria (Kokiri) - Sage of Forest, Darunia (Goron)- Sage of Fire, Princess Ruto (Zora) - Sage of Water, Impa (Sheikah) - Sage of Shadows, Nabooru (Gerudo) Sage of Spirit, Rauru (Hylian) - Sage of Light.

Forest Temple - Sacred Forest Meadow, Fire Temple - Death Mountain Crater, Water Temple - Bottom of Lake Hylia, Shadow Temple - Behind the Kakariko Gaveyard, Spirit Temple - Dessert Colossus, Temple of Light - Sacred Realm (accessed by the Temple of Time in Castle Town)

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