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If you wrote a book...........


Needz Moar.... Zelda, NAO
Jul 8, 2009
Mine would be so horridly written.. it'd be an action packed book... starting in a high school where I did my day dreaming for it.. lol.. the kid would be the unpopular tough scrapper... "terrorists" would take over the school.. reasons unknown... it'd turn out they were looking for him because he was the key to an ancient power.. there is that and I've wrote a short story thats similar to something you might think of while playing castlevania lol

Blood Wolf

Actually, I'm trying to write a book right now. It's a fantasy of middle ages, if not earlier or a bit later, there's conflicts, wars, love, hate, loss of love, more fighting, a few twists.

I'm also trying to aim for a poetry book since I write tons of poetry. ;p


Probably a Star Trek fiction that revolves around a temporal paradox involving multiple Spock's meeting Trelane and Q.


Zelda On Paper
Aug 5, 2009
In my very own world
im writting a vey loooooong storyline, (i don,t know how much time will take to be done) is action, horror, suspence and some way of "fantasy" i think, i,ve only made stories original from me (exept the ones i did writte from "4 swords adventures continues" on my profile, i did not continue chapter 4 anyway, "sigh"

*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
I like to write about many things. Game Fan fics is one of my favorite things to write on. Like for instance, I am planning on writing a Zelda fanfic for Tetra, for this forum.

Even though I don't really know all the characters in the game, not even the pirates in Tetra's crew, I'll just add random names. Although if someone could help me with that info, I'd appreciate it very much. You can bet that several WW characters will appear, but the plot will not follow Ganandorf's end. Naw, I plan to write something cool, something fun, like the life of Tetra before all that happened in WW.

Aside from Fan fics I write regular stories. I am writing one that I can't mention here, because I am planning on self publishing it one day. When it's done, perhaps you people might be interested in taking a look at it, who knows? ^^ I'm sorry, I just can't give any details on it, I've been keeping it a secret since I started it.

So yeah, that's basically it. So, do we have any hardcore rpers here? Are there some of you who write fan fics here?
Oct 28, 2008
West Virginia
I've wrote a couple. But they haven't necessarily been published. They're just waiting to be...

Fantasy, romance, horror... anything that keeps me interested in my own stories :P


Travelling Outcast
Jun 17, 2009
Hmm, I wouldn't do a futuristic Scyi-fi novel, because then I would be copying the book that my brother is writting (I just know that it's going to be a New York Times Bestseller!).

I've come up with several cool book ideas. Some are better than others. If I actually do write a book, and get it punlished, it will probably be some sort of Christian fiction.
Oct 17, 2009
if i write a book it would be a fantasy - adventure book mabie a trilogy. i would make it have a dark, haunted forest or a vast kingdom it would probibly become a zelda imitation if i chose the kingdom so i think i'll stick with the forest.

Dungeon killer

Dungeon's Shall Fall!
Jul 9, 2009
Destroying Dungeons.
I have writen books before, but to pass time I'm working on a legend of zelda story right now, it's here at the forums (Fan Works=My Story).
I am also working on a metroid story and they are both totally canon, but I might think of publishing a horror story that I wrote last year in 08.

Choices choices choices
so many to make.:thinking:
Oct 31, 2009
I've tried writing books before, but my inspiration always runs out halfway through. I once tried to write a book about me and my friends in high school and all the hardships we had to face. I ran out of steam once these very same friendships fell apart, though.

I've also tried to write fantasy/adventure books. I'll have the story in my head, but I'll just get sick of writing something I already mentally know. I like to write and not know where I'm going to end up, that way I can experience the adventure with my characters. :)


I've been writing a fantasy adventure book over the course of 4 years similiar to Dragon Ball / Zelda, but much darker. I just wrote the last chapter yesterday! Please wish me luck in getting it published! :)


Whoo are youu?
Nov 4, 2009
U.S.A., Lost in a forest.
I hope to write many books, I suppose a lot would be fantasy/adventure/scfi but I do have a few in mind that are kind of real world fiction. I would always try to have a deep message or moral lesson. Or at least make the reader think. Interesting and complex characters that are rememberable.

I can see myself writing for children, teens and young adults mostly. I have a bit of a dark side so I couldn't only write children books, but I have strong desire too. And I think my first one will be for kids.


Back in junior high, I tried to write a book; I just couldn't make it work though. Instead, I ended up writing my story as a screenplay. As to the content of the story, it was basically about a squire who's kidnapped by a Saracen general during the Crusades. Long story short, he befriends his captor, falls in love with a Muslim gal, saves a Jewish slave from execution, mistakenly kills his brother in battle, and ultimately lives just long enough to see his lover murdered by Templar Knights. Yep... it's a tragedy.

I tried to write a few other screenplays after I finished the first one, but nothing ever materialized. I just couldn't find that inspiration I felt with my first project. Well, that... and I just didn't have the time anymore to sit around and type up a 100+ page play off the top of my head.

Maybe I should go back and rewrite my first screenplay. Judging by my when it was written, the damn thing is probably full of grammatical errors galore. Maybe if it was a little more refined, I'd actually bother w/ copyrighting it.

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