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If You Got a Hold of One of Link's Weapons He Gets Throughout the Games

The Shadow

Creature of the Darkness
Ok I don't think I can choose one so I'll put a top few for my choice (Not exactly in any order)
-OoT (To travel, control time and make it rain and turn into a storm whenever I want it to, also I'd just play it for music)
-Roc's cape (Jump from roof to roof and stuff like that)
-Mole Mitts (Diggin' time! I could dig tunnels anywhere I wanted to and trap people underground, plus they would make a pretty deadly weapon)
-Four Sword (Four of me=more fun for the world)
-If I took a mask it would either be Oni Mask or Zora Mask
And if nothing else the megaton hammer to simply crush things (I'd change its name to MegaCrush Hammer as well, so I can call it MC Hammer for short)

Din Akera

Jan 27, 2010
My own little world
Din's Fire! :O I'm not kidding. Would be freaking awesome!

And if you don't count that as a weapon, I would say the double clwashot. I loved that item so much. Moving like a spy, climbing towers, hanging out where there is no floor!

The bunny hood would be on my list too. Superspeed!

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