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If You Could Live in a Book, TV Show, Movie or Video Game, Where?


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Jan 29, 2011
Hrmm, semi hard one I guess...

Book: The Lord of the Rings. These are my favorite books ever, and the world is neat and amazing. As to where, it'd obviously be in Middle Earth, at the Shire. I'd definitely love to live there. <3
TV Show: Dr. Who. This is my favorite TV show (my preferance seems to depend on my favorite thing XD), and the world is not only cool, but weird and to my taste. The place, well it's technically here anyway, but a different universe. And I'd like to travel with The Doctor. :>
Movie: Ah, I'd pick Serenity. That is a super good movie, although not my favorite. It's only the future of Earth, so nothing much changes. But as to where I'd like to live, well on Serenity of course.
Video Game: Not Zelda, but my favorite game, Chrono Cross. I'd of course live on the mainland, El Nido, in Arni Village. Although I'd live in Serge's Parallel world instead of the home world.

Yup, that's me.

EDIT: Changed my mind on that movie option. X3
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Nov 25, 2012
Monkey Island
Definitely Pokemon. I haven't watched the show/played the games in forever, but think about it. When you're freaking ten years old you get a Pokemon license, you get to leave your parents and travel around on your own or with your besties. You catch and train Pokemon and they become your besties and you battle with other trainers and form rivalries. Instead of boring dreams to go to an Ivy League college, you have dreams of beating the Elite Four. The Pokemon world is a conglomeration of tons of different genres, from steampunk to cyberpunk to modern and everything else, so you're never stuck with the same thing.
Plus no murders, rapes, 12:1 friendship-romance ratio (not sure how I feel about that), etc.

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id probaly live in zelda or minecraft because of the adventure but probaly zelda

id probaly live in zelda or minecraft because of the adventure but probaly zelda :hylianshield:

Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
Book: Conn Iggulden's Wolf of the Plains or Lords of the Bow. Witnessing the birth and rise of the Mongol Empire would be amazing.
TV Show: The Walking Dead
Movie: Wreck-it Ralph
Game: Halo series

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